Roewe I6 Max is on the market today with 1.5T engine, with pre-sale price of RMB 110000-130000

Roewe I6 Max will go on the market tonight, with the pre-sale price of 110-130 thousand yuan previously announced. This is a new compact family car made by Roewe. Its design and configuration are obviously upgraded. The engine is 1.5T in power and equipped with 7-speed double clutch automatic transmission. < / P > < p > I6 Max is built with the latest Roewe family style and the latest Roewe logo. The length / width / height of the new car is 4722 / 1835 / 1464mm, and the wheelbase is 2715mm. It has a panoramic skylight with an area of 3 m2. The design of the rear of the car echoes with the design of the front. < / P > < p > the interior of the car further enhances the sense of science and technology. It is equipped with a full LCD dashboard and a 10.4-inch high-definition touch capacitor screen. It also has zebra intelligent Venus vehicle machine system, integrating Bluetooth, navigation, various apps, online streaming media and other related applications and services based on wireless interconnection technology. In terms of power, Roewe I6 Max is equipped with a 1.5tgi in cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine and a 7-speed DCT 3.0 transmission. Thanks to the leading engine 350bar fuel injection, efficient Miller cycle technology, and the world’s first three chamber independent lubrication technology for gearbox, the maximum power is 127kw, the peak torque is 275nm, the acceleration speed is 8.5s per 100km, and the maximum speed is 210km / h. Based on the 1.5tgi direct injection turbocharged engine, the Roewe I6 Max plug-in hybrid version has an additional motor with a maximum power of 100kW and a 10 Speed second-generation edu intelligent electric drive transmission. The maximum comprehensive torque is 480nm, the acceleration speed is 7.2s per 100km, the fuel consumption is 1.1l/100km and the pure electric endurance is 70km. < / P > < p > conclusion: compared with the previous I6, the product strength of Roewe I6 Max is significantly improved, and the new car will compete directly with the same level of joint venture products. Design and configuration is the most advantageous part of Roewe I6 max, and we expect a more competitive price for the new car.