Representative of China: unity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon for the international community to overcome the epidemic situation

China News Agency on August 12, the UN Security Council held a high-level open debate on “epidemic situation and the challenge of sustainable peace” on August 12 to listen to the briefing of UN Secretary General Guterres and former UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, attended and spoke on China’s position, emphasizing unity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon for the international community to overcome the new crown pneumonia epidemic. < p > < p > Zhang Jun said that the countries affected by the conflict are the weak links in the global anti epidemic, and helping them build a strong defense line is the top priority to ensure the victory over the epidemic and consolidate the achievements of peace building. He called on all parties to the conflict to implement the “global cease fire” initiative proposed by Secretary General Guterres as soon as possible, and expressed China’s support for the United Nations and the World Health Organization to mobilize the international community to further strengthen policy coordination, promote the international community to increase resource input, and help the countries affected by the conflict to prepare for prevention and response. Zhang Jun urged the countries concerned to face up to the humanitarian consequences of their unilateral measures and immediately cancel them. < p > < p > Zhang Jun pointed out that since the outbreak of the epidemic, China has actively carried out international anti epidemic cooperation and has been doing its best to provide support and help to countries in need. China has decided to cancel the interest free loan debts of relevant African countries due to China by the end of 2020. After China’s new crown vaccine is developed and put into use, it will be used as a global public product to make China’s contribution to the realization of vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries. China is willing to continue to provide medical supplies to the countries affected by the epidemic, share experience in diagnosis and treatment, and send medical expert teams to help cope with the epidemic.

Zhang Jun stressed that novel coronavirus pneumonia should be strengthened in order to deepen our understanding of the continuing peace and improve and strengthen the means of peacebuilding. We should adhere to the people-centered principle, put the people’s interests first in the process of peace building, respect the leading power of the people of the countries concerned, and promote the inclusive peace process. We should promote lasting peace through development, attach great importance to the impact of the epidemic situation on the social economy of the countries affected by the conflict, help them improve their capacity for sustainable development, strengthen the construction of the national public health system, maintain and promote the achievements of peace building, lay a solid foundation and realize lasting peace. We should strengthen political leadership and the participation of the whole society, support the countries affected by the conflict to strengthen the authority of the legitimate government, lead the whole society to jointly safeguard the hard won achievements of peace building, and realize the long-term stability of the country.