Representative of China: unilateralism is a one-way train to a dead end

Zhang Jun pointed out that in order to achieve this goal, we must maintain unity and uphold multilateralism. We share a common destiny and all countries in the world are interdependent. It is difficult for any force to cut off the close ties among the people of all countries. Unilateralism is a one-way train leading to a dead end. There is no way out but to return the same way. We should give stronger support to the United Nations, better meet challenges and seek common development through multilateral cooperation. < / P > < p > Zhang Jun said that in order to achieve this goal, we must uphold justice and uphold the international rule of law. Justice carries the hope of all people and is rooted in the hearts of the people. International law and norms of international relations are important guarantees for maintaining fairness and justice. All countries should keep their promises and fulfill their obligations. We cannot allow power politics and bullying to bring the world back to the jungle. < p > < p > Zhang Jun stressed that in order to achieve this goal, we must respect science and support scientific and technological progress. Scientific and technological progress is the common pursuit of mankind. People of all countries have the right to live a good life, as do developing countries. For the sake of self-interest, it is neither moral nor in line with any national interest to use artificial obstacles to obstruct the development of science and technology in other countries and interfere in market competition. We sincerely hope that the member states of the United Nations and the international community will act together, share responsibility, share development and build a better future.