Representative of China: all criminals of foreign troops stationed in Afghanistan should be brought to justice

Geng Shuang, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, said at the Security Council’s video conference on Afghanistan on December 17 that all criminals of foreign troops stationed in Afghanistan should be brought to justice. At the meeting, Geng Shuang responded to the accusations made by sukula zatlan, the youth representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations, about various criminal acts committed by foreign troops in Afghanistan in his briefing. He believes that zatland’s complaint reflects the voice of the Afghan people. All these crimes should be thoroughly investigated, all the perpetrators should be brought to justice, and the international community should give the Afghan people a fair and just account. < p > < p > Geng Shuang said that China has been providing support for the better development of young people in Afghanistan for a long time, helping them solve the problems of health, education and employment. He said that since novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreaks, China has provided assistance to the Albanian group in providing a number of anti epidemic materials, sending medical experts and will continue to provide more help to enable the Afghan people to overcome the virus at an early date. Geng Shuang said that China will, as always, be a supporter, mediator and convenience provider of the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan, and is willing to provide a platform for inter Afghan dialogue and continue to communicate closely with all parties under the mechanisms of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Afghanistan liaison group and the China Afghanistan Pakistan trilateral dialogue. China will continue to support UNAMA in playing an important role on the Afghan issue and make greater contributions to the realization of peace, reconciliation, development and prosperity in Afghanistan together with the international community.