Reporter’s note: visiting the “super voting center” in the capital of the United States

The voting day of this year’s US general election is November 3, but most regions have begun to vote early. The National Stadium is one of more than 30 early voting sites in Washington, D.C. this week. The reporter went to the polling station on the 28th. < / P > < p > this polling station, along with five other landmarks that are also used as early polling stations, is called the “super voting center”. They are larger than ordinary polling stations and provide more voting compartments. The reporter saw at the scene that the voters almost followed the vote, and there was no situation that other parts of the United States had to queue for a long time. Nick Jacobs, a spokesman for the city’s Election Commission, said he hoped voting at the “Super Center” would give voters a special experience. Recently, the number of new cases has rebounded. To ensure the safety of voters, stickers were prominently pasted on the ground of the voting center to remind people to keep social distance. All the people on the scene were wearing masks, and everyone was careful to keep their distance. There are transparent baffles in front of the staff sitting in front of the registration desk to receive voters. Staff should disinfect the used voting compartment, voting machine and stationery at any time. Tony, who has just voted, said that although Washington is still in the epidemic, the voting experience is good, the voting time is short and it is safe. In this year’s election, his main concerns are the epidemic, the economy and national unity. < / P > < p > this year, there has been a lot of controversy over the mailing of votes. Judging from the current situation, more and more American voters who have already voted in advance still choose to mail their votes. More than 75 million people voted in advance in the United States as of the evening of the 28th, including more than 50 million by mail, nearly twice as many as those who went to the election site. Although electoral institutions and experts have repeatedly stressed the safety and reliability of postal ballots, some voters are still worried about their reliability. Anderson, whom the reporter met at the polling station, is one of them. To be on the safe side, he preferred to vote in person. < / P > < p > at present, early voting has accounted for 55% of the total number of voters in the 2016 US general election. Chris ciliza, a well-known freelance writer for CNN, predicts that this year’s election turnout will be very high and may even break the record. < / P > < p > in order to cope with the upsurge of voters’ voting enthusiasm and provide a more spacious and safer voting environment for voters, besides Washington city, many cities such as Atlanta and San Francisco have already or are planning to use sports venues as “super voting centers”.