Repeat panic buying survey says 13 Australians can’t buy what they need

According to the report of on August 7, a recent survey showed that the latest restrictions on the outbreak of the new crown have triggered a second wave of panic buying, with nearly one third of Australians unable to buy the goods they need. < / P > < p > according to a new survey by finder, shelves in many Australian stores remain empty more than 20 weeks after the first round of panic buying. In the first two weeks of July, it’s hard for customers to buy toilet paper or paper towels, while one in seven people can’t buy hand sanitizer or soap. < / P > < p > in addition, about 12% of the population suffered from food shortages such as rice and pasta, and 10% of Australians had difficulty in obtaining fresh food. Of these statistics, the most worrying is that 8% of Australians do not have access to the drugs they need. “Concerns about the spread of the second wave of the epidemic in Australia have triggered a new round of hoarding, while hand sanitizers and other commodities are difficult to restock,” said Hassan, a money expert at finder. There’s a reason for the restrictions, so consider as many of your Australians as possible and limit your purchases to what you need. ” < / P > < p > following a surge in purchases, Woolworths, a supermarket giant, restored its all Australian purchase restrictions on toilet paper on July 8. This week, with the exception of Victoria, other states have relaxed their purchase restrictions. Peters, managing director of Woolworths, said panic buying at Woolworths did not reach the levels seen in March and April. “While the volume of purchases has increased a bit, I strongly recommend that if we continue to shop as usual, there will be no supply problem,” she said < p > < p > Coles supermarkets also put forward restrictions on the purchase of hand sanitizers, masks and meat. Chief operating officer Wendell said this week that panic buying consumers are hoarding different goods this time, and meat is their main target.