Renault plans to launch two pure electric SUVs in the future

Two pure electric SUVs will be built on cmf-ev platform, which will be the key model for Renault brand to rise again. Nissan ariya electric large-scale SUV is based on this platform to create < / P > < p > Renault will initially launch two models on cmf-ev platform. The first model will be based on the mass production version of morphoz concept car released this spring, although its length and width are similar to the current ray Kadjar is similar, but it will have a lower floor and sitting position, resulting in better aerodynamic performance and comfort for longer range. This model is mainly for the European market. Gilles Normand, the boss of Renault electric vehicles, said: “we found that there is still market space under the Renault Zoe model, but there is more market space and expectation for models with higher positioning than Renault Zoe. People realize that it’s safe and enjoyable to drive an electric car, and that it can last longer than the electric vehicles of the past. ” < / P > < p > Normand points out that the model is designed to last 342 miles. Whether this can be achieved remains to be seen. The Nissan ariya has a maximum range of 310 miles on the same platform, while Renault models of similar size have improved on this basis, but roughly the same. < p > < p > Renault also said that the cmf-ev platform and the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance had achieved significant breakthroughs in efficiency and cost. “We have reduced platform costs by 30 percent,” Jean Paul drai, Renault’s EV development director, said recently in public. We have reduced the cost of batteries by 30% and the cost of electric vehicles by 20%, “< p > < p > although it has not been officially confirmed, Normand also hinted that a second electric car will be launched. It will be a crossover or SUV rather than a traditional hatchback, and it may have a market positioning similar to that of Nissan’s juke and Renault. And this design aspect will also draw inspiration from the morphoz concept car. < / P > < p > Marco Fioravanti, head of Nissan’s auto product program, said, “with a dedicated pure electric platform, we can break through the proportional limits of traditional vehicle design and push the wheelbase to the limit. By doing so, we can get a smoother interior floor and more rear space. We think this will be fully recognized by our customers. ”