Reference review: Pentagon, do you only lie?!

Since the 21st century, the Pentagon’s annual report on the development of China’s military and security situation submitted to the US Congress came back yesterday. < / P > < p > this document, also known as “China’s military strength report”, is a little longer than in previous years. With the appendix, it has 200 pages in total, 64 pages more than last year. It can also be seen that the Pentagon researchers have really spent a lot of time in thinking about China’s military. < / P > < p > it’s just that it looks like 200 pages, but it turns over and over, and the lines always give people a sense of deja vu. If readers reread the reports of previous years, it is easy to find that there are only five words in the full article. In the report on China’s military strength, this has long been a haunting old tune. However, it must be pointed out that this report was written by the US Department of defense and submitted to Congressmen who have important decision-making power, but most of them have no knowledge of China’s military affairs or even the whole China’s affairs. There is no doubt that it can influence the judgment of many members, and its importance in the US decision-making on China is beyond doubt. < / P > < p > like previous similar reports, this report of the US Department of defense ignores the facts and is full of prejudice. It makes false comments on China’s national defense construction and deliberately distorts China’s strategic intentions. China firmly opposes this. < / P > < p > what kind of report is worthy of such evaluation? We can see that in this year’s report on China’s military strength, the Pentagon has played at least three tricks in order to continue to play up the so-called “” role: < / P > < p > the first move, exaggeration. Exaggerate the achievements of China’s military development and create anxiety of “being overtaken” among members of Parliament. It is a common tactic of the Pentagon to show toughness to the outside world, to show off “overwhelming” force, and to shout “being overtaken” and “being threatened” at home. This report is no exception. In order to highlight China’s military strength, great efforts have been made. In the article, it not only worries about the “continuous growth” of China’s military spending, but also advocates that China “has the world’s largest navy”. < / P > < p > but the fact is that the U.S. military spending accounts for nearly 40% of the world’s total, which is actually the sum of nearly 10 countries behind. Compared with China, the quality and tonnage of the U.S. warships are obviously superior, and the U.S. has more than 11 aircraft carriers Since the US side wants to demonstrate the existence of China’s “threat”, doesn’t it need to make a rigorous comparison of the military strength of the two countries? Isn’t it just pretending to be confused? < / P > < p > the second move is distortion. Unscramble China’s strategic intention maliciously and instill the concept of “China is the enemy”. On the issue of dealing with China’s strategic intentions, some politicians in the United States who hold the ideology of the cold war and zero sum game never judge China’s policies actually implemented, nor consider China’s willingness to insist on peaceful development. They are always used to guessing China’s intentions with the greatest malice. One belt, one road map, China’s military development plan is to continue to challenge the US position and change the international order, and even to link some economic projects of China’s foreign cooperation, including the “one belt and one road initiative”, to some kind of military development intention. The report of The Pentagon has continued this way of thinking. However, the fact is that China has always pursued a defensive national defense policy, and in its relations with the United States, China has always advocated strengthening dialogue, exchanges and cooperation between the two armed forces to avoid misjudgments, suspicions and contradictions. In contrast, the United States always sends advanced ships and planes to China’s doorstep, and even sends dual aircraft carriers to the South China Sea to show off their force What is the strategic intention of the US side? < / P > < p > the third move is slander. Tarnish China’s national defense modernization efforts and shape the image of “victim” of the United States. Great achievements have been made in China’s modernization of national defense, including the construction of aircraft carriers and 10000 ton large-scale drives. Undoubtedly, some American politicians who are used to leading and superior feel uncomfortable, so that they stubbornly pour dirty water on China’s military development efforts and ruin their reputation. In the Pentagon’s report, it once again threw out the “theft theory” in science and technology, which is crucial to military development. It once again described the United States as a “victim”, falsely accused China of destroying the integrity of American science and technology enterprises through espionage and hacking, as well as investment and acquisition in the United States, and “illegally” acquiring military “sensitive technology” from the United States. < / P > < p > but the fact is that the Pentagon report does not give any evidence to support China’s military technology theft. On the contrary, the United States is the largest matrix on earth. “Snowden incident” and “WikiLeaks incident” did not happen to China, and “prism gate”, “Echelon system” and “formula organization” did not happen to China. A lot of evidence points to the fact that the United States is monitoring other countries and stealing secrets by virtue of its technological advantages If you don’t reflect on yourself and always criticize others, isn’t the US side crying out to catch a thief? < / P > < p > when Russian military expert Vasily Kashin commented on the “China’s military strength report” in 2019, he once again realized that there are a lot of internal contradictions, strange inferences and obvious mistakes. Obviously, the Pentagon report is wrong! In the view of some experts, the Pentagon’s move may be for the benefit of the Department, trying to create anxiety and urgency for the US decision-making circle through the “China threat” and strive for funds for the military industry. As it advocated in the report, “the imbalance of military power in the Taiwan Strait” calls for “arms sales to Taiwan.”. Isn’t the Pentagon for personal gain? In addition, the Pentagon may also have a speculative mentality, deliberately open a posture of confrontation between China and the United States, and want to use the current military advantage of the United States to oppress China to yield, so as to ensure the absolute military advantage of the United States. But will it work? In recent years, the United States has put more and more pressure on China. Has it ever made China yield to the core issues? Obviously not! The recent military exercises of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army have once again firmly confirmed this point: no foreign country should expect us to trade our core interests or swallow the bitter fruit of damaging China’s sovereignty, security and development interests. < / P > < p > facts are always facts, and decisions that are divorced from facts can only be misjudgments. Therefore, the latest “work” published by the Pentagon has already been eroded by the absurdity of “” in essence. No matter how large the space is, no matter how detailed the data are, and no matter how delicate the charts are, it can not cover up the nature of its lying, and it can not support its value as a reference for decision-making. It will only lead the United States astray and kick the iron plate. Therefore, this can only be a failed report.