Record of Marine Corps building a new multi-dimensional integrated combat force

South China Sea, 115 degrees east. Under the cover of night, marine Zhao Qianjin led the assault team to use the rope to land, carry out cabin search, and find and lock the “Pirates” position; < / P > < p > at the same time, 45 degrees east longitude, a certain sea area in the Gulf of Aden. Marine Huang Sheng and his comrades scrambled to board the “hijacked ship” and launched armed rescue < p > < p > since the adjustment and establishment of the Marine Corps in 2017, the pace of transformation has been accelerating: four months of train loading, completion of teaching demonstration of all subjects; six months of train loading, chopping waves of new equipment in the water; seven months of train loading, organizing water live ammunition shooting In more than two years, from the training gap and talent gap to the initial formation of combat capability, the Marine Corps officers and men have traveled in both night and night. < / P > < p > in 2019, a full of new armored equipment arrived at a Marine Corps brigade. Taking over the new equipment, the officers and soldiers drove down the platform with smooth operation, which was not like a novice at all. < / P > < p > in this brigade, it is not a new thing to pick up and start. At least half a year in advance, they will organize officers and soldiers to learn and train with self-made simulated vehicles and equipment before each assembly. Before the new equipment has been put on the train, the crew of the equipment has realized the “clear understanding of theory and accurate operation”. < / P > < p > after the new equipment was put on the train, Wang Hongfang, then the navigation business chief of a brigade, packed his backpack and plunged into the parking lot, continuously recorded the equipment data, got familiar with the equipment performance, and lived in the cabin for several days to explore. In the night training, in order to better observe the technical indicators of the equipment, Wang Hongfang boarded the simulation platform floating on the sea surface and recorded the data with the low light level of the indicator light. Suddenly, the surge caused by the chariot made the platform shake greatly. Wang Hongfang stumbled into the sea. His comrades tried to rescue him, but he stamped his feet in a hurry, hoping to find the notebook full of new equipment data. < p > < p > in the early morning, the officers and soldiers of a brigade light machine camp were awakened by a burst of rapid whistle. What will greet them is a rigorous assessment of class tactics comprehensive exercise. < / P > < p > “your team, as the first team in this battle, must arrive in XX area before 7:00 to occupy the offensive starting position.” It was only after the commander issued the command that the squad leader bamuguzi received the only information of the “battle” – a topographic map of the mission area. < p > < p > in the case of almost zero reference, the officers and soldiers have to bear 20 kg to deal with all kinds of “enemy situations” on the road section of 25 km. Bamgubuzi was a little uneasy. After all, he had never fought this way. However, time can not be hesitated. Bamgubuzi resolutely planned the battle route, led the team to cooperate in fighting, successively dealt with the blue army’s harassment, gas attack and other interference, all the way to the “enemy” in the whole process of operation, and finally successfully occupied the position. It’s not just about winning and being brave, but also about being brave. Every year, officers and soldiers need to refer to the military training level assessment and assessment. Officers and soldiers have to complete more than ten physical skills tests, such as armed attack, live ammunition shooting, climbing over the trench, dragging tires, bayonet fighting and so on under the condition of fully armed and loading 20 kg. Many Marines have to experience more than three failures before passing the assessment. < / P > < p > each new record of military training marks the update of ability value and ability field. From “amphibious” to “multidimensional”, this iron and steel force known as “land tigers, sea dragons, and air Eagles” is changing its feathers and remodeling in the wave of reform: on land, after a long-range three-dimensional maneuver to a certain area of the plateau, it carries out dangerous course drills without adjustment, and the ability of global mobility and rapid response has been significantly improved. Underwater, a certain “frogman” challenges the psychological and physiological limits, crawls out of the torpedo detonator and sneaks into the “enemy’s rear”, which further sharpens the fighting spirit. In the air, a certain pilot piloted the plane to transport the commandos to the scheduled landing point at low altitude. The air force led assault was more three-dimensional. < p > < p > on September 3, the 36th convoy set sail from a military port in Qingdao and went to the Gulf of Aden and the waters off Somalia to carry out escort missions. On the deck of the ship, dozens of Marines lined up in order to carry out actual combat tasks, such as rescuing the hijacked merchant ship by force, anti-terrorism and anti piracy, so as to polish the ocean business card of the Chinese navy.