Realize 8 functions covering 890000 public berths “Shanghai parking” app online trial operation

A few days ago, we learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission and the municipal road transport bureau that the “Shanghai parking” app was officially put into trial operation today. The app has eight service functions, covering more than 4300 public parking lots (garages) and toll road parking lots, and 890000 public berths in the city, which is also another new highlight of the construction of “smart transportation” by Shanghai traffic management department. < p > < p > according to the introduction, in the early stage of the 13th five year plan, the Municipal Transportation Commission promoted and completed the standardization construction and comprehensive information networking of the electronic toll collection system in the city’s public parking field, built a pilot public parking information platform, and carried out a preliminary application test. < / P > < p > with the popularity of smart parking concept, the technology application is becoming more and more mature. From the fourth quarter of 2019, the municipal public parking information platform officially started the upgrading construction. Recently, the function development, data access and internal test of the platform have been completed. On this basis, “Shanghai parking” app officially entered the public view. < / P > < p > “Shanghai parking” app has eight service modules, including “parking navigation, park and ride, hub parking, peak shifting sharing, parking payment, parking reservation, parking charging, service announcement”. < / P > < p > among them, the parking navigation, park and ride, and hub parking modules provide users with parking lots within a certain range around the destination for various types of operating parking facilities (including toll road parking lots), P + R parking facilities, and public parking facilities supporting external transportation hubs such as Hongqiao hub, Pudong Airport, and Shanghai railway station (depot) address, entrance and exit location, driving route and road condition, parking number in real time and space (total parking number of roads), charging price, service time and other information. < / P > < p > according to the parking demand of different purposes such as general temporary travel, commuting, leaving Shanghai or picking up and seeing off passengers, users can query the parking information around the destination, arrange a reasonable mode of transportation in advance, and quickly find the appropriate parking lot when driving, and one click navigation and parking nearby.

parking payment module can support the three party electronic payment method of Alipay and WeChat to realize the total parking fee in the city. The online car park car park (online) will realize online payment and credit payment (first leave the field after paying). The follow-up will gradually expand to all the operating parking facilities in the City and support more third party payment. The unified online payment can be realized by this method. < / P > < p > “parking reservation, peak shifting sharing, parking charging” module supports the online reservation of the first batch of 34 parking lots (garages) entering the Expo, which is expected to go online this month. In addition, the above module initially provides basic data and service information of some parking sharing projects and charging facilities installed in some parking lots (garages) that have been opened to surrounding communities, and will be gradually expanded in the future The exhibition will be extended to the parking lots (garages) of the top three hospitals, and the parking reservation service will be opened to the barrier free parking spaces, electric vehicle charging parking spaces and other special parking spaces. It will gradually support the residents in the community to independently choose different payment methods such as “monthly, on time and per time” through “one click contract signing”, so as to share the surrounding parking resources more flexibly and conveniently. < / P > < p > “service announcement” module can timely query and understand all kinds of management and service information of the industry, as well as preferential information provided by relevant business enterprises for users. < / P > < p > in the follow-up, with the continuous promotion of the construction of smart parking lots (depots) in the city, “Shanghai parking” app The coverage of “parking payment, parking reservation, peak shifting sharing, parking charging” and other modules will continue to expand, and the service functions will continue to improve, and gradually realize the full coverage of travel parking services, such as “query and reservation of parking spaces before travel”, “accurate navigation to the entrance and exit after travel”, “internal navigation to parking spaces after admission”, “reverse car search and senseless payment on exit” We will continue to pay attention to more information about Cheng’s application scenarios. (source: Shanghai Communications)