Read the world’s military information in one minute on November 28

Iran’s defense ministry said on the 27th that Iran’s senior nuclear physicist Mukhsin fakrizad was killed in an “armed” attack near the capital Tehran that day. According to witnesses, fakrizad’s car exploded while driving on a main street in the village of Abu Dhad, 60 kilometers northeast of Tehran, followed by shooting, killing many people. The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on the 27th that Russia strongly protested the recent entry of US warships into Russian territorial waters. The statement said that Russia regards the incident as a blatant provocation, and the United States intends to undermine peace and good order. Russia urges the US side to avoid such risky actions in the future, otherwise the US side will bear full responsibility for the possible consequences. Russia reserves the right to take response measures. According to Indian media reports on the 27th, two Indian soldiers were killed in Kashmir on the evening of the 26th and the 27th. At present, Pakistan has not responded to this. The Indian Navy said in a statement on the 27th that a mig-29k two seater trainer plane crashed into the sea near Goa on the 26th. One of the two pilots on board was rescued and the other was missing. The navy has ordered an investigation into the crash. The search for another missing pilot is still ongoing.