Read the world’s military information in one minute on November 26

Recently, a series of military news about Russia has attracted public attention. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a national defense plan for 2021-2025 and documents on the establishment of a naval material and technical support base in Sudan. Earlier, Russia also announced that the Russian army will soon build a strategic nuclear force command post capable of withstanding nuclear attacks. < / P > < p > in the interpretation of analysts, Russia’s actions are mainly to effectively enhance its military capabilities and deal with the strategic containment and containment of NATO led by the United States. < / P > < p > the Australian military recently released an investigation report on its troops in Afghanistan, confirming that Australian soldiers are suspected of being involved in the killing of prisoners and civilians in Afghanistan. This incident has caused social shock and widespread criticism in Australia. The Australian government claims that it will pursue the responsibility of those involved, but many analysts are worried about whether the accountability can be implemented. < / P > < p > according to the US “Military” website on November 25, the Attorney General of the US Department of Defense issued an annual report entitled “enhancing resilience to non-traditional threats” on November 19, which listed the “list of annual military challenges” faced by the US Department of defense in the 2021 fiscal year. Russian satellite news agency reported on November 26 that the news and mass media department of the Russian Ministry of defense reported on the same day that Russian troops successfully test fired a new type of anti missile missile at sareshagan range in Kazakhstan, hitting the target.