Read all the military information of the world in one minute on October 19

China’s 16th peacekeeping engineering team in Darfur, Sudan, successfully completed the upgrading and reconstruction of the defense fortifications in El Fasher super camp of the United Nations and African union joint mission in Darfur on the 18th, which effectively improved the camp’s defense capability against sudden security risks. At least 16 people were killed and 90 were injured in an explosion outside the office building of GUR police station in Mount Feroz, the capital of Gul Province in western Afghanistan, officials confirmed on the 18th. After the new humanitarian cease-fire agreement between Armenian and Azerbaijani on the implementation of a humanitarian cease-fire in Nagorno Karabakh region came into effect on the 18th, the two sides continued to accuse each other of breaking the cease-fire and launching attacks, and denied the accusations of breaking the cease-fire.