Read all the military information in one minute on October 2

After three days of preparation, such as camp settlement and preliminary survey, the officers and soldiers of China’s 19th multi-functional peacekeeping engineering unit to Lebanon entered the explosion site of Beirut port and the urban street area in groups on September 30 to formally launch the post disaster reconstruction assistance work. The 140officers and soldiers of China’s third batch of peacekeeping helicopter detachment to Sudan’s Darfur region were awarded the “Peace Medal of honor” by the United Nations and the African union joint mission in Darfur, Sudan on January 1. Each of the officers and soldiers was awarded a commendation order in recognition of their contribution to the cause of peace in Sudan’s Darfur region. Russia is developing a small missile for the Doyle M2 air defense system to deal with tactical UAVs, according to Oleg, commander-in-chief of the Russian army. The Russian Foreign Ministry’s website issued a communique on the same day, saying that the foreign ministers of the two countries had a detailed discussion on the escalation of tension in the Naka region during the call, expressed serious concern over the continued armed confrontation in the region, called on both sides of the conflict to cease fire immediately, and stressed that illegal armed elements from other regions should not be allowed to participate in the conflict.