Rare in the world only three Maserati released Fuori Serie Special Edition

Recently, e-Car learned from Maserati officials that Maserati has released the Fuori Serie special edition series of models, including three products of Quattroporte Ghibli Levante, which are jointly designed by Maserati and Italy’s famous art modification brand garage Italia. The three cars are “only one” to show Maserati’s brand customization business. < / P > < p > Fuori Serie Unica, this Quattroporte based model, the suffix “Unica” means “unique”. The white paint has a rainbow effect in the light, and the same effect is also used on the windows. The letters and logo of Maserati brand are also full of body, like luxury design. < / P > < p > the interior part of Fuori Serie Unica is made of blue leather. The color inspiration comes from this year’s Pantone annual color. The same as the body, the letters and logo of Maserati brand are also full of interior. Through the colorful glass, the interior of the car is also painted with the basic color of dazzling colors. < p > < p > the style of Fuori Serie corse is not as artistic as that of Fuori Serie Unica. The design elements of Fuori Serie corse are more rigid. The exterior of the car body is made of silver grey paint with a metal texture effect of vicissitudes. The red stripe design from the front to the rear of the car is also from the classic racing car painting. < p > < p > in the interior part, only the classic saddle color leather seat is used in the main driver’s seat, with rough air eye decoration, which is full of retro flavor, and also shows the driving LED racing style of furori Serie corse. < / P > < p > furori Serie Futura highlights the future style. The dark gray matte car body is covered with white coordinate points of three-dimensional scanning. In the effect of passing through the beam, there is a sense of technology shuttling into the future. The interior part uses relatively simple design, and uses a lot of color matching of deep and light contrast. Under the tone of deep and light cold gray, supplemented by blue and black embellishment, the leather label with indentation logo is sewn on the headrest of the seat with extremely neat technology. The interior style is rigorous and symmetrical, full of the sense of order of the future cockpit, which is very close to the theme of “Futura”.