Raphael’s self portrait “nose”? 3D technology restore true appearance (picture)

According to the report, in 1833, some remains were excavated from the tomb of Raphael in the pantheon of Rome, Italy. But experts are not sure whether the remains belong to Raphael himself, because the researchers also found the remains of Raphael’s students, as well as some incomplete bones. < / P > < p > Mattia Falconi, Professor of molecular biology at the second University of Rome, Italy, said in a statement that “over the centuries, repeated doubts about the identity of the remains have plagued many admirers of the” holy painter “who was defined by George Vasari as the” God of the earth. ” < / P > < p > after comparison, the scientists said that they could prove that the skeleton really belonged to Raphael. But scientists also found that Raphael changed the size of his nose in his self portrait to “make his nose look more delicate.”. “The 3D model shows that his eyes and mouth are his, but he is very friendly to his nose,” farconi said “We know that Raphael often paints himself younger than his age, and this model shows us what he really looks like.”