Qingke venture launched the “meat grinder” mode for two consecutive days, approaching the breaking line

Today, Qingke venture closed at HK $11.800, with the highest price of HK $12.220 and the lowest price of HK $11.120. As of 12:08, Qingke venture closed at HK $11.160, down 3.793%. Only two transactions of Qingke venture have been listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong. According to the announcement of the Hong Kong stock exchange, the public offering price of Qingke venture is HK $11.00 per share, which is about 1394 times over subscribed. It is reported that the net amount of funds raised from the listing of Qingke venture is used to improve the supply of offline services, upgrade online platforms and services, expand investment services in China’s second tier cities and overseas emerging markets, and other general enterprise purposes. < / P > < p > the business of Qingke venture includes data services, marketing services, consulting services and training services, and relies on database resources and data collection, analysis and research capabilities to combine big data with equity investment services. The matrix products and services of online and offline multi platforms built by Qingke venture in the past 20 years have become the “infrastructure” of China’s equity investment market. < / P > < p > according to the report of China business daily, the equity structure shows that Ni Zhengdong, through his wholly-owned offshore holding company, holds 55.4096% of the controlling interest in Qingke venture. With the listing of Qingke venture, Ni Zhengdong’s personal wealth is expected to increase rapidly, and many shareholders of Qingke venture can also get a share from the listing feast. The executive directors of Qingke venture are Ni Zhengdong, Fu Xinghua and Zhang Yanyan; the non-executive directors are gong Hongjia; the independent non-executive directors are Xu Shaochun, Zhang Min and Yu Bin.