Qin Lihong: Weilai’s fourth model is expected to be delivered in batches in 2021

On September 10, Qin Lihong, President of Weilai, revealed to the media at the activity of “exploring Weili’s call driving tour” in Nanjing XPT factory that the fourth model of Weilai will enter the market later, but he hopes that the new vehicle will be delivered in batches within 2021. < p > < p > it was previously reported that a new generation of flagship cars will be released on NiO day at the end of this year. No accident, the fourth car should be et7. < p > < p > the ET preview model of Weilai has been shown at the 2019 Shanghai auto show. According to the information obtained by the editor, the appearance of the new model of Weilai et7 will continue to maintain the Weilai family design style. Due to the car running positioning, the body of the new car is lower, the front face is more sharp, and the size of the headlight is also increased. < p > < p > Qin Lihong also revealed that the NiO day shangweilai at the end of this year will also release new news about motors. The new motor is optimized on the basis of 160kW permanent magnet motor and 240kw induction motor. Weilai is currently developing two products of the third generation, and has begun to preview the fourth generation of products to meet the power demand of subsequent models. < / P > < p > according to the existing information, Weilai et7 will still adopt dual motor four-wheel drive power, and will be compatible with L4 class driving assistance system. More information Yiche will continue to pay attention to it.