Qatar officially offered to buy the F-35 from the United States

Qatar has officially offered to buy the F-35 stealth fighter from the United States, Reuters reported on the 7th, citing three sources as sources. If approved by the U.S. Congress, the arms sale could strain the relationship between the United States and its traditional allies in the Gulf region. < p > < p > reports that Qatar has submitted formal letters to us Lockheed Martin airlines in recent weeks. This kind of letter usually includes the technical parameters of the products ordered by customers for pricing. The f-35a is the fifth generation stealth fighter, which currently costs about $80 million each. A spokesman for the US State Department said that according to the policy, the US side will not confirm or comment on the arms sales plan or arms transfer until the relevant parties formally inform the Congress. In August, the United Arab Emirates and Israel agreed to normalize their relations under the mediation of the United States. Reuters reported that in the relevant agreement, the United States agreed to the UAE to buy F-35 fighters. Qatar’s request to buy the F-35 follows the agreement. The U.S. seeks to contain Iran and therefore intends to help its military allies in the region, including Qatar. < p > < p > Qatar has the largest US military facility in the Middle East, where about 8000 US soldiers and Defense Department employees work. U.S. Secretary of state Mike pompeio and Qatar’s Foreign Minister Muhammad bin Abdulrahman al Thani met in Washington, D.C. in September. The US side hopes to speed up the identification of Qatar as a non NATO major ally. At present, the United States has identified 17 countries as “non NATO major allies”, which will give Qatar more benefits in the field of defense and security cooperation. Due to concerns about the threat of military superiority in the Middle East, Israel once strongly opposed the sale of F-35 fighters by the United States to the United Arab Emirates, and may also boycott the deal between the United States and Qatar. Saudi Arabia may also oppose the sale of F-35 fighters by the United States to Qatar. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain severed diplomatic relations with Qatar and imposed sanctions and blockades on the grounds of “supporting” and “undermining regional security” by Qatar in June 2017. Micro special manuscript