Putin once again held a phone call with the Armenian prime minister to discuss the situation in the Naka region

Moscow, October 2 Russian President Vladimir Putin once again held a telephone call with Armenian Prime Minister pasinian on October 2 to discuss the situation in Nagorny Karabakh region. The Kremlin issued a statement on the 2nd, saying that the two sides continued to discuss the situation in Naka and expressed serious concern over the news that illegal armed personnel from the Middle East were involved in the conflict. Putin once again stressed the need for an immediate cease-fire and the resumption of a political and diplomatic solution to the conflict in accordance with the statement of the co chair of the Minsk group of the organization for security and cooperation in Europe. According to a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry on October 2, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov talked with Iranian foreign minister Zarif on the same day. Both sides expressed serious concern over the continued large-scale exchange of fire in the Naka region and the involvement of illegal armed personnel from Syria and Libya in the conflict. The two sides called for an immediate cease-fire, promote the downgrading of tensions and avoid provocative and belligerent remarks. The foreign ministers of the two countries said that countries in the region, especially neighboring countries of Azerbaijan and Armenia, can play an important role in creating conditions for the parties to the conflict to return to the negotiation process as soon as possible. On September 27, a new round of conflict broke out between Armenian and Azerbaijani in the Naka region. Both sides accused the other party of violating the cease-fire agreement and taking the lead in launching military attacks. The Naka region was an autonomous prefecture of Azerbaijani in the Soviet era, and its residents were mostly Armenian. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a war broke out between Armenian and Azerbaijani in order to fight for Naka, and Armenian occupied part of the territory formerly belonging to Azerbaijan around Naka. In 1992, the conference on security and cooperation in Europe established a 12 nation Minsk group with Russia, the United States and France as the co chairs. Negotiations at different levels on the Naka issue have been held in succession within the framework of the Minsk group, but no substantial progress has been made. In 1994, Armenian and Azerbaijani reached an agreement on a comprehensive cease-fire, but the two countries have been in a state of hostility over the issue of Naka, and armed conflicts between the two sides have occurred from time to time. On October 1, the presidents of Russia, the United States and France issued a joint statement on the conflict in the Naka Karabakh region, strongly condemning the escalation of violence in the contact line of the Naka conflict zone, and calling on all parties to the conflict to cease fire and resume negotiations as soon as possible.