Putin called on all parties to the conflict in Naka to cease fire as soon as possible

Moscow October 7 Russian President Vladimir Putin called on all parties to the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh region to cease fire as soon as possible and to end the conflict as soon as possible. In an interview with Russian television on the same day, Putin said that the ongoing conflict in the Naka region is a tragedy, with casualties and heavy losses suffered by all parties in the conflict. Russia is very worried about this. Putin said that there are about 2 million Azerbaijanis and 2 million Armenians living in Russia, and Russia is very worried about the situation in the Naka Karabakh region. Putin said that as a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Russia has a corresponding responsibility to it within the framework of the organization. Russia has fulfilled its own responsibility in the past, and will also fulfill this responsibility now and in the future. He has been in contact with Armenian Prime Minister pasinian in order to understand the situation of the Naka conflict. According to the Russian news agency, Putin talked with Azerbaijani president Aliyev on the same day. The two sides discussed the situation in Naka and looked forward to the future of Russian Arab relations. On September 27, a new round of conflict broke out between Armenian and Azerbaijani in the Naka region. Both sides accused the other party of violating the cease-fire agreement and taking the lead in launching military attacks.