Protest broke out outside the White House: US police fired rubber bullets and stun bullets to clear the scene

According to the daily mail, police fired rubber bullets outside the White House that night and threw vertigo bullets to disperse the protests, causing chaos. As the protestors chanted slogans toward the White House, < / P > < p > shortly before midnight, tensions between the protestors and law enforcement began to heat up, and police in riot gear began to attack the protestors and ask them to leave the area. Police used tear gas, pepper spray and other devices to disperse the crowd, and the protesters also fired missiles at the police. Protestors and members of the press were injured. There was also a scene that attracted foreign media attention. Police aimed at a protester’s truck, smashed its windows and arrested the passengers inside. But it is not clear why the people in the car were detained. < / P > < p > since the Freudian tragedy of an African American man, anti racism protests have spread from Minneapolis to major cities in the United States, and Washington is just one of them. On Sunday, hundreds of protestors demonstrated in Wisconsin after black, an African American man, was shot dead by police. In addition, on the night of the protest outside the White House, a protest broke out in downtown Portland, Oregon, during which a shooting incident occurred and one person was shot dead.