Prosecutors will prosecute a confirmed Italian patient who fled while in hospital

According to reports, the 33 year old Tunisian immigrant man, living in the town of lubano, Padova Province, was diagnosed with new coronavirus infection on August 3. Due to the serious clinical symptoms of the patient, he was placed in the hospital infectious disease inpatient area for isolation treatment. < / P > < p > at about 19:00 local time on the 4th, the man, who was receiving isolation treatment in the hospital, fled the hospital when the medical staff were unprepared. When medical staff found the new coronavirus confirmed missing patients, immediately called the police report. Subsequently, police arrested the confirmed patients who fled the hospital. After escaping from the hospital, Tunisian immigrant men took an interval train from Rovigo City railway station and arrived at Padova City railway station about an hour later, according to the report. The man was about to transfer home when he was found by police waiting at the railway station and then arrested. At present, the authorities are tracking close contacts of patients who have fled the hospital.