President Xi signed an order to issue the regulations on military Vocational Education (Trial Implementation)

On December 21, Beijing President Xi signed an order a few days ago to issue the regulations on military vocational education in the army, which will come into force on January 1, 2021. < / P > < p > the regulations thoroughly implement Xi’s thought of strengthening the military and the policy of military education in the new era, focus on cultivating high-quality and professional new-type military talents with both political integrity and ability, focus on building a pattern of learning from time to time, everywhere, everyone and all life, adhere to the correct political direction, adhere to the mission and task, post performance and career development, and improve the network and openness It is of great significance for promoting the construction and development of military vocational education and building a new military personnel training system to establish a comprehensive military vocational education system. < / P > < p > “Regulations” consists of 8 chapters and 43 articles, which defines the basic connotation of military vocational education, such as the scope of objects, organizational form, and the requirements of the times, constructs the leadership and management system of military Vocational Education under the unified leadership, and systematically standardizes the contents of educational tasks, learning management, support, incentive and supervision, so as to provide guidance for stimulating the learning motivation of officers and soldiers and standardizing the operation of work management Strong institutional guarantee.