President of the American Institute of Foreign Affairs: the “one country, two people” style tear of the United States will continue

Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun published an article entitled “one country, two people” style tear will continue on November 16, written by Richard Haas, President of the American Foreign Affairs Association. Excerpts of the full text are as follows: < / P > < p > the US presidential election, which was voted for on November 3, is not over until the time of writing, because the trump camp is still demanding a recount or a legal objection. < / P > < p > this time, the choices of American voters will have an impact on the world. Although the final vote count has not yet been released, it may be time to take a look at the status quo of the United States, the world’s largest power. < p > < p > from a positive perspective, although there are physical constraints caused by the new crown epidemic, the voting rate has reached a new high, and the subsequent billing process is smooth and smooth, and the violence is limited to the minimum scale. Courts everywhere are examining postal ballots from the dominant regions to determine whether the U.S. Postal Service interferes with voting for political purposes. In the early morning of the 4th, trump announced his victory without any basis, but it did not arouse much response. Not many people seem to have listened to his call to stop counting. However, some worrying problems still exist. Voters in the United States are still in a state of extreme tearing. The gap between Republican candidate trump and Biden is small. And the next administration is likely to face a “distorted” situation in which both the house and the Senate belong to the Republican Party. On the one hand, they won the White House and will continue to control the house of Representatives. On the other hand, the Republicans have not lost their advantage in the Senate. Biden’s total number of votes reached a record high in the history of the presidential election, perhaps 5 million more than trump, but the blue of the representative did not gain an overwhelming majority. Mainstream forecasts suggest that Republicans will hold on to the Senate seats they had hoped to regain, and lose several House seats. The political map has not been redrawn because voters are not clear. Trump is still good at fighting. The total number of votes is about 10 million more than that in the 2016 general election. His total number of votes is the second highest in history, which is more than any winner in previous presidential elections. Moreover, this is achieved under the condition that the daily average number of new confirmed cases is more than 100000 and the number of new dead people is more than 1000 per day. Although the election results truly reflect his inability to deal with the epidemic, nearly half of the voters still voted for trump. Even if the defeat is a foregone conclusion, I am afraid trump will continue to attract the public’s attention and maintain a strong line year. The Republican nomination in the presidential election has a strong influence. Today’s Republican Party is totally different from the era of President Reagan and President Bush. The so-called “trumpism” of contemporary American populism will still maintain a strong momentum. President Trump’s approach is not surprising. To deny the legitimacy of the election results, even if there is no evidence, we still need to expose the existence of illegal acts. Perhaps most trump supporters are not prepared to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Biden administration. It is highly likely that trump will not admit defeat until the last minute and refuse to attend the inauguration of the new president. The American people seem to live in an isolated world. They choose people with the same values to live in a community and only watch news channels and websites that suit their tastes. Because there is no universal civic education in the United States, this tendency is spreading to all age groups. It is particularly noteworthy that this tendency is not directly related to personal economic ability, and both candidates have supporters at all income levels. The voting differences among different ages, genders and races are not as clear as expected. Their differences mainly revolve around how to solve the problem. Education level has always been a clear indicator of political inclination. Republican supporters tend to live in suburbs and remote areas, while supporters live more in cities. In addition to being used by Cuban and Venezuelan voters living in southern Florida, foreign policy has been largely ignored in the election campaign. Since there is such a background, it is difficult to build a support base without making major adjustments to the way the president is elected and the way the regime operates. < / P > < p > the existing system is seriously flawed, which is acknowledged by all, but there is no consensus on reform. No matter how the reform is carried out, there will be those who are benefited and those who are damaged will undoubtedly become a firm anti reform force. In this way, the Biden administration’s road to governance may be very difficult, because it will greatly depend on the gains and losses of Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell and the extent to which he will assist the president, or whether he has the ability to do so. If Biden intends to coordinate with McConnell, he is likely to be asked to give in, which will inevitably meet with strong ideological resistance. < / P > < p > it was expected that this election would be a total denial of trump and Trump’s style of conduct, but this expectation failed. The Republican Party tried to justify Trump’s line, but failed to do so. On the contrary, it has completely exposed that the United States today has fallen into the situation of “one country, two people”. The two forces must coexist, but it is impossible to predict whether they will work together.