President of South Africa: cabinet investigation committee set up to thoroughly investigate all corruption related to the epidemic

Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

Johannesburg, August 7th, South Africa’s president Lama frosa sent 6 members of the six committee members to investigate and deal with all the corruption allegations related to the purchase of new crown pneumonia epidemic materials. After the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, he appointed a commission of inquiry headed by justice minister Ronald ramola, with other members including President’s office director Michael Jackson, finance minister mboveni, and police minister Zeller. < / P > < p > prior to this, a series of corruption charges appeared in South Africa, especially South African spokesman diko, Gauteng provincial health bureau director suku and other political figures were involved in it, and became the focus of South African people’s attention. At present, Deco and others have been suspended. In this regard, ramafossa expressed strong indignation, and said that the South African government strongly condemned those groups or individuals who made profits and obtained illegal income because of the epidemic. “At the moment when South Africa enters the state of national disaster, their behavior is extremely shameful, and the South African government will take severe sanctions against them.”