President of Russia and Belarus said by telephone that the detention of Russian citizens would be resolved in the spirit of mutual understanding

Moscow, August 7, 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian president Lukashenko held a telephone call to discuss the detention of Russian citizens in Belarus, according to a news release issued by the Russian President’s Information Bureau. According to the news, both sides expressed confidence to solve the problems in the spirit of mutual understanding. Both sides stressed that Russia expects the domestic situation in Belarus to remain stable and hold presidential elections in a calm environment. Belarus will hold a presidential election on August 9. The Belarusian news agency announced on July 29 that the law protection organs of Belarus arrested 33 Russian armed personnel who attempted to carry out sabotage activities before the presidential election in Belarus. In this regard, the Russian side said that the detained persons were going to other countries through Belarus, and there was no reason for their detention, and they asked the white party to release them as soon as possible. Ukrainian President zelenki said the detained Russian citizens participated in the military operations in the Donbas area. It is hoped that they will be extradited to Ukraine for prosecution. Lukashenko responded that the incident could be resolved not only in accordance with international law and international agreements, but also in accordance with humanitarian principles. He hoped to cooperate with Russia and Ukraine on this matter. < p > < p > China’s focus is face-to-face: “Chang’e exploration of the moon”, the most difficult space mission in history. How to implement it? ——Interview with Li Qing, chief designer of chang’e-5