Preparing for the launch of BMW ix3 in Shenyang this year

BMW ix3, the first model of BMW group equipped with the latest fifth generation of BMW Edrive electric drive technology, officially went off the production line in Shenyang production base of BMW Brilliance, preparing for the launch of the heavyweight model of BMW “year of new energy vehicles” within this year. By innovating the production of pure electric BMW ix3, BMW Brilliance’s local R & D and production capacity has reached a new height. < p > < p > Dr. Dai Hexuan, senior vice president of technology and production of BMW Brilliance Automobile Co., Ltd., said: “today, we officially launched the mass production of innovative pure electric BMW ix3. This is the first model launched by BMW Brilliance for the global market. The high-quality production system ensures that we can meet the requirements of global customers for high-quality models. In this year’s challenging situation, the innovative pure electric BMW ix3 went offline as scheduled. Our R & D, procurement and production departments showed a high level of cooperation, and the German headquarters and China’s project team also cooperated closely. It is everyone’s unremitting efforts that ushered in the downline of this model, which is the pride of every BMW Brilliance < p > < p > as the world’s only production base of innovative pure electric BMW ix3, BMW Brilliance Shenyang production base is the leader of intelligent manufacturing and industrial 4.0 technology application. With the combination of digital technology and digital production technology such as “digital twins”, BMW brilliance has become the benchmark for the application of “industrial 4”. It became the first production base to achieve the 100% coverage of 5G signals last year, and further consolidated its advanced nature. The highly flexible production system can realize the co production of vehicles with different driving systems, and effectively meet the “right of choice” of consumers. < / P > < p > BMW Brilliance’s total quality management system has also reached the top level in the world. The advanced production system combined with the “zero defect” concept that has penetrated into the whole supply chain system ensures that the innovative pure electric BMW ix3 can meet the high-quality requirements of the global market for vehicles. In order to further ensure vehicle safety, BMW Brilliance has carried out a full range of tests from battery to vehicle. 128 times of strict mechanical test and 994 times of software function test make the battery pack have super high quality in the whole life cycle. More than 140 vehicle functional tests such as acceleration road section, special road surface and stone road surface are conducted to ensure that the vehicle can meet the stringent requirements of various roads and driving conditions. < / P > < p > all transmission system parts of the new model are independently developed by BMW Group to further ensure its high quality. Moreover, the fifth generation of BMW Edrive power battery, the key component, is independently produced by phase II of BMW Brilliance power battery center. In the whole process of the innovative pure electric BMW ix3 project, the R & D, procurement and production departments work closely to provide the most important support for the project. The cell technology center of BMW Group headquarters in Munich and the electric drive system production technology center in dingefen factory also give important guidance and support in the development and production of new models. Meanwhile, the local project team keeps close contact with BMW Group’s production network. Through multi-party cooperation, BMW Brilliance has realized the complete certification process of innovative pure electric BMW ix3 in China and Europe for the first time. Thanks to the cooperation and efforts of all relevant departments in the whole project process, the electric drive technology of innovative pure electric BMW ix3 is pushed to a new height. < / P > < p > BMW Brilliance’s flexible production system has a high degree of flexibility, and the production line can realize the parallel production of new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles, so that it can accurately respond to the rapid changes in market demand. Different from previous models, innovative pure electric BMW ix3 also needs to meet different technical standards in the global market. BMW Brilliance’s highly flexible production system is also an important prerequisite for the production of export models. < / P > < p > at the offline ceremony, the heads of all departments of the innovative pure electric BMW ix3 project team introduced the production process of the car in detail, and shared the touching story of the birth process of the car. Several employee representatives also solemnly signed their names on the off-line vehicles to commemorate this milestone model. The successful launch of the innovative pure electric BMW ix3 is the result of the joint efforts of the working teams in China and Germany, and the exhibition of BMW Group’s latest electrification strategic achievements. With the coming of new models, BMW Brilliance is ready to open a new chapter in the era of electrification.