Power upgrade with new 8-speed automatic transmission Ferrari Portofino m officially released

On September 16, Ferrari officially released the new Yuema 2 + GT spider model based on Portofino sports car, portofinom. The new portofinom, as the first model since Ferrari resumed operation after the outbreak of the new crown disease, symbolizes that Ferrari is about to start a new exploration journey. < / P > < p > as an innovative version of Portofino, portofinom is equipped with a wealth of innovative technologies, among which the most prominent ones are the re adjusted power system, the brand-new 8-speed gearbox and the manettino knob with five modes of “race”. This is the first time Ferrari has applied this advanced technology to its GT spider. The application of a series of cutting-edge technologies helps the new car perfectly integrate the pure GT sports car performance, passionate driving fun, excellent response speed and daily driving practicability. < / P > < p > in terms of power system, the 3.9t engine equipped with M is based on Ferrari’s award-winning V8 turbocharged engine family, which has won the international engine of the year award for four consecutive years. The new engine has been upgraded to produce an output power of 456 kW at 7500 rpm, which is 15 kW higher than the engine on board. In addition, m replaces the previous 7-speed transmission with a new design of wet dual clutch 8-speed transmission, which is the first convertible model to adopt this configuration in Yuema history. The clutch module volume of the new transmission is reduced by 20% and the torque output is increased by 35%. In terms of dynamic performance performance, the most noticeable technical innovation of the car is to provide five modes of manettino knob, which is the first time that this configuration has been introduced into Yuema GT spider model. Its new “race” mode aims to further improve the already excellent handling performance and grip performance. With the support of Ferrari dynamic enhancer, this mode is designed to bring the ultimate driving pleasure. < / P > < p > another major technical upgrade comes from the new visual design of the front of the car, especially the more sporty and aggressive bumper. From the appearance to the interior, the new car combines the design elements of fierce, soft and more fluent, presenting a harmonious feeling between the design style and the function. < / P > < p > as the latest design and engineering masterpiece of Ferrari, the new car shows the perfect evolution of the model. Compared with the previous models, the new car has more distinctive sports characteristics and brings extraordinary handling experience. With Ferrari’s advanced driving assistant systems, as well as a series of new options such as ventilation / heating seats, the new car will further improve the driving comfort. M perfectly inherits the characteristics of Portofino: when the convertible is closed, it is an original hardtop sports car; when the hardtop is opened, the car presents the pure characteristics of a convertible. With the classic design of the convertible (RHT), the new portofinom has become the benchmark model of the perfect integration of the two in the market.