Positive rate is high, believers flee, church rumors! Is the epidemic situation in South Korea in full swing?

The second round of church cluster infection in South Korea is still ongoing. Including Seoul, Gyeonggi do and Incheon, the new epidemic situation in the capital circle is spreading to the whole country at an alarming speed. Novel coronavirus pneumonia moon Jae in Yin said that this is the biggest crisis facing Korea since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. < p > < p > according to South Korean media reported on the 21st, the “love first church” of the Protestant church in South Korea, which caused this round of infection, continues to cause trouble: believers refuse to accept inspection, make trouble or even flee from the hospital; church staff spread false content such as “government persecution” on social platforms, refusing to submit the list of believers, which seriously hindered and violated the local red line of epidemic prevention. South Korea’s “daily economy” reported that on the 17th of this month, health workers in Baochuan City, Gyeonggi Province, tried to collect samples from a Christian couple who had gone to Seoul to attend the Guanghuamen rally, but the other side spat. < / P > < p > the couple are over 50 years old and operate a local restaurant. When the health care workers asked for a sample, they were excited and forced to ask, “we have seen so many people, but why should we be examined?” < / P > < p > “now that you’ve come to the door, you’ve got to check it out!” As soon as his wife finished this sentence, she hugged the staff of the health care center. Then he ran outside the restaurant and spat into the staff’s car. < / P > < p > the next day, the examination results were announced. Both the couple were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, but they broke through the isolation rules and drove to the nearby hospital for re examination on the ground of “not believing the results”. Later, he was arrested by local police and transferred to Anshan life treatment center. < p > < p > it is reported that the couple went to Baochuan church the day after attending the meeting, causing five people to be implicated in infection. After consultation, Gyeonggi province and Baochuan city decided to take criminal prosecution against them. < / P > < p > the cases of confirmed believers fleeing also occur frequently. On the 17th of this month, a woman in her 40s who was diagnosed in poshang got the news of her diagnosis and bit her husband’s hand and fled to public places. Four hours later, he was arrested by the police and escorted to the local hospital. < p > < p > on the 18th, a male believer in his 50s who was hospitalized in pozhou Hospital of Gyeonggi province escaped from the hospital and took a bus to Seoul. He wandered in places with high population density such as Zhonglu and Xincun, and entered closed spaces such as coffee shops. He was arrested in Seoul about 25 hours later. < p > < p > on the same day, a 60 year old female believer in Nanyang Prefecture, after receiving the confirmation notice from the health care center, directly cut off all contact information and absconded. She took a taxi to severance hospital in Seoul’s south of the Yangtze River and was arrested by local police while waiting for a new coronavirus test. “Obstructing epidemic prevention is a criminal act that directly threatens the lives of Daoists, and strict measures must be taken,” Li zaoming, governor of Gyeonggi Province, said on the 20th. He said he would unite with cities and counties to adopt the same strict policy. < p > < p > according to the Seoul Economic News, in recent days, false news such as “being judged positive in the health care center but negative in the self-examination in the hospital”, “the health care center has judged all the participants in the rally as positive” and “it is said that the government will inject new coronavirus when collecting samples”, which has been widely spread on various social network service platforms such as youtube and twitter Broadcast. < p > < p > on the 20th, the pastor quanguang of the “love first church” also advertised in the daily newspaper, claiming that the authorities had forced the examination indefinitely, leading to a surge in the number of confirmed cases. In view of the occasional change from positive to negative, Li Xiangyuan, the head of diagnosis and analysis of the central epidemic prevention strategy headquarters, had previously explained that “the interval between inspection and collection is two days, which may lead to the change of virus positivity.” The Korean media pointed out that although private medical institutions and companies also participate in the diagnostic examination process under the entrustment of the government, there may be slight deviations, but the rumors that are full of on-line are somewhat false and unreasonable. At present, the South Korean authorities are discussing the issue of false rumors on the Internet at the legal level. Zheng Yinjing, head of the Ministry of anti epidemic measures of the central government of South Korea, called on the believers of the church to believe in the epidemic prevention authorities and accept inspection quickly. “Delay in diagnosis and treatment will not only endanger your lives, but also your family members.” < p > < p > from the 20th to the early morning of 21st, the city of Seoul launched a compulsory administrative investigation, requiring the “love first church” to hand over the complete list of believers and visitors, but it failed due to the strong refutation and resistance of relevant church personnel. During the first visit of the epidemic prevention authorities at about 10:00 a.m. on the 10th, the church related people refused to cooperate on the ground that “the lawyer was not present”. At 5:00 p.m. that day, the epidemic prevention authorities came to the church again, but the church entrusted lawyers and relevant responsible persons refused to enter the church again on the ground that “no search warrant was seized”. The deadlock lasted more than three hours before the epidemic prevention authorities were able to enter the church, but some facilities were locked. Under the continuous protest from the church, the epidemic prevention authorities withdrew some personnel around 3:30 am on the 21st. < / P > < p > “refusing to cooperate and using force to prevent entry are all active criminals.” Today, Gyeonggi governor Lee Jae Ming published a long article on the social platform Facebook, severely criticizing “love the first church.”. He stressed that he, as the highest person in charge of safety, would try his best to find out the source of infection even if he was accused.

Korean media pointed out that “love first church” group infection incidents, since the “new world church” in Daegu, the largest number of confirmed cases, the largest scale of collective infection. South Korea’s prime minister, Ding Shijun, said that this week will become a watershed of the epidemic. If the spread of the epidemic cannot be curbed, there will be a nationwide pandemic. On August 15, Quan Guangyu, the head of the “love first” church and President of the Korean general Christian Federation, ignored the epidemic situation and the government’s administrative order prohibiting assembly. He organized a meeting of believers near Guanghua gate and took off his mask to speak. In an interview with the media, he claimed that the virus infection in the church came from external “poisoning”. From December 2019 to January 20 this year, quanguangzhen also participated in or presided over many meetings in Guanghuamen. According to reports, quanguang was expelled from the Korean Presbyterian Church for sexual harassment of female believers, abuse of power and unreasonable use of church funds. Since then, he founded his own order, but it was not officially registered. Therefore, the “love first” church in charge of quanguang can also be classified as “heresy”. However, the general Christian Federation of Korea is not so much a religious organization as a political interest group belonging to the extreme right and conservative camp. According to South Korean media reports, the Federation is closely related to the predecessor of the future United Party, “Grand National Party”, “New World Party” and “liberal Korean party”. Zhao Xian, a religious journalist with the Korean national daily, pointed out that there are hundreds of Protestant religious groups in South Korea, each of which has strong characteristics. His enthusiasm in the management, preaching and donation of believers is far higher than that of other religions. < / P > < p > the believers are also extremely “Crazy”. They gather in the church to hold morning prayer every morning and have a meal after the church. “This kind of scene is not seen in other countries.”. < / P > < p > he also pointed out that compared with other religious buildings, Protestant churches can accommodate a larger number of believers, “if you do not wear masks and praise, pray in unison or eat together, it is likely to spray foam all over the place.” < p > < p > especially in large churches, 10 churches form a region, and 100 churches form a parish. They are centered on the point organization and hold several meetings every week. The frequency of contact between religious people is much higher than that of other religions. In the past 24 hours, 324 new cases have been reported in South Korea, which is the first time since March 8 that the number of new cases in a single day has exceeded 300. As of 6:00 p.m. on the 20th, 739 cases of “love first church” were confirmed. In addition to Jizhou Road, 16 cities and roads in China had confirmed cases. The epidemic prevention authorities pointed out that the positive rate of people related to “love first church” was about 20%. Among them, the number of people diagnosed above 60 years old accounted for 38% of the total number of confirmed cases, which was nearly 3 times higher than the “Xintiandi church”. At the same time, the virus transmitted this time is likely to be GH type virus. The spread of the virus is more than 6 times that of the V group virus found in the new world epidemic virus. Novel coronavirus pneumonia moon Jae in Seoul,

said that he was very worried about the situation. “This is the biggest crisis since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia.” < p > < p > he said that the population density in the capital area is very high. If the epidemic prevention system in Seoul collapses, it means that the national epidemic prevention network has collapsed. Only by keeping the Seoul epidemic prevention system can national security be safeguarded. He also pointed out that under the background of global pandemic, South Korea has successfully prevented the epidemic and minimized the economic impact, which is a miracle achievement created by the people. “But if you are not careful now, you will face the crisis of collapse. It is absolutely impossible for a moment of laxity to lead to the collapse of all previous efforts. ” < / P > < p > at present, South Korea is comprehensively upgrading its control measures. The Seoul municipal government announced that from 0:00 on the 21st to 24:00 on the 30th, Seoul banned more than 10 people from holding gatherings and demanded that weddings and other activities be postponed. South Korea’s Ministry of Defense announced on the 21st that it would cancel the annual reserve army training plan to begin on September 1 and replace it with distance education. Yonhap pointed out that this is the first time since the implementation of the reserve army system in 1968, the convocation training has been cancelled.