Portland protests last for nearly 100 days

After Freud, an American black man, was killed by the police, another black man was violently treated by the police in kenosa, Wisconsin. However, the reform of the U.S. police system has not yet been implemented, the phenomenon of police violence in law enforcement has occurred from time to time, the public anger has spread across the United States again, and the protest against racial discrimination and police violence in law enforcement has intensified. According to CNN, protests broke out in Portland, Oregon’s largest city, after Freud’s death. So far, the protest has lasted 95 days. Trump supporters even clashed with “black life is life” protestors, resulting in one death. < / P > < p > the situation in Washington, D.C., is not optimistic. On August 30, local time, the fourth day of the protest, hundreds of people gathered near the “black life is also life” square and confronted the police for more than two hours, at least five people were arrested. On the same day, US presidential candidate Biden said in a statement that “trump is inciting social division and using” fear politics “to attract his supporters.”. Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, believes that “trump created hatred and division.”. According to the Washington Post, on August 30, local time, the fourth day of protests in Washington, D.C., hundreds of people gathered near the “black life is life” square and confronted the police for at least two hours. The protestors also threw water bottles at the police. At least five people were arrested by the police, according to people familiar with the matter. < / P > < p > the day before, police clashed with the protestors outside the White House. Police fired rubber bullets and stun bombs outside the White House that night to disperse the protests, the Daily Mail reported. The protestors also threw objects at the police. Some protestors and journalists were injured. The scene was very chaotic. < / P > < p > on the evening of August 29, local time, large-scale protests broke out in the downtown streets of Portland, Oregon. When a motorcade supporting trump tried to enter the city, it clashed with a group of protestors supporting “life is life for black people”. As reported by CNN, so far, Portland has witnessed 95 consecutive days of protests against racial discrimination and police violence. Protests intensified after the trump administration sent federal law enforcement officers to the city in July to quell the unrest, which local officials said would only lead to more tension. At present, Portland City protests have not been eased. < / P > < p > The Daily Mail reported that since the tragedy of Freud’s death, protests against racial discrimination and police violence in the United States have spread from Minneapolis to all parts of the United States, and racial conflicts have not been alleviated. On August 23, Jacob Black, a black man in kinosha, Wisconsin, was paralyzed in the lower body by seven shots fired by police, and hundreds of local protestors demonstrated. < / P > < p > in addition, there are also protests in Denver, Atlanta and other places with different themes, but most of them focus on racial discrimination, police violence in law enforcement, the government’s poor epidemic prevention and social inequality in the United States. < / P > < p > according to CNN, the continuous protests in the United States have even become an “American Nightmare”. Some politicians believe that trump did not play a role in the riots. On August 30 local time, Portland mayor Ted Wheeler attacked trump in his speech. < / P > < p > Wheeler said, “President trump, do you really want to know why there was such a serious violence in the United States for the first time in decades? It’s you who create hatred and division; it’s you who can’t find a way to name the black people killed by the police; it’s you who claim that white supremacists are “good people” Your “politics of fear” is anti democratic and brings hatred to our country. < / P > < p > Wheeler also stressed, “since you were elected president of the United States, we have to share with you and your racist attacks on blacks. Although we have known about your sexism against women for a long time, we have to endure your ridicule of the disabled and your “anti democratic” attacks on journalists. We read your tweets and saw that you attacked people on social media to the point where they were threatened with death. < / P > < p > Wheeler said at a news conference, “President trump, you have not brought peace to the United States, you do not respect our democracy. As a president, you need to do something that a president can do. As for me, I will continue to perform my duties as mayor. < / P > < p > immediately, trump launched four tweets on social media twitter, calling Wheeler “a fool”. Trump said, “the eccentric radical leftist Ted Wheeler is the mayor of Portland. During his term of office, he witnessed the great destruction and death in Portland, but he thinks that this situation should continue forever, which is wrong! Let a fool be mayor and Portland will never be the same. In a statement on August 30 local time, Biden also attacked the death of the Portland protest. Biden said, “it’s unacceptable to have fatal violence in Portland, and it’s also unacceptable to shoot on the streets of American cities. I strongly condemn this kind of behavior.”. < / P > < p > Biden also fiercely criticized trump in his statement, “we must never become a country at war with ourselves, but that’s what trump wants, and he thinks that’s what we should be. Trump may feel that public conflict will have a positive impact on his re-election, but that is not what the president should do. Since trump was elected president, there have been constant differences among the people, and tensions have continued to escalate. “. < / P > < p > less than three months after the US presidential election in 2020, protests in the United States have intensified. According to the New York Times, the shooting in Portland “followed” the Republican National Congress, further increasing the tension in the presidential election. On August 30 local time, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad wolf said that despite the opposition of local officials in Portland, the option of sending federal law enforcement officers to Portland to quell the riots “still exists.”. < / P > < p > White House spokesman Judd Deere said, “President Trump’s supporters in kinosa welcome him very much, and they are eager for trump to help local enterprises to revive. Trump’s visit will” cure “this great city.”. However, the governor of Wisconsin and the mayor of kinosha opposed Trump’s visit. They believed that Trump’s visit might aggravate tensions. “< p > < p > according to CNN, California representative Karen Bass said,” I think the only purpose of Trump’s trip to kinosa is to incite riots and make the protests worse. “. < p > < p > Biden campaign officials believe that the new wave of riots in the United States is Trump’s latest efforts for his campaign, aimed at diverting people’s attention from his poor epidemic prevention and economic recession.