Pompeo: Russian activities in Alaska and other parts of the world increase

U.S. Secretary of state Pompeo said in an interview with WMAL radio that the United States has observed an increase in Russian activities in Alaska and other parts of the world, Itar TASS reported Monday. Commenting on a previous statement by North American air defense command and U.S. Northern Command, Pompeo said, “the current situation is that Russia’s activities in Alaska and other parts of the world are increasing.” The statement said the U.S. military is closely monitoring Russian Navy submarines that have surfaced in international waters near Alaska. < p > < p > Pompeo also talked about the friction incident between the US and Russian forces in Northeast Syria. The US side said that Russian vehicles deliberately collided with us armored vehicles, resulting in the injury of US soldiers, and that Russia violated the agreement reached between Russia and the us to eliminate the conflict. “Last week we witnessed an incident in which a Russian vehicle deliberately collided with an American armored vehicle,” Pompeo said in an interview. In this incident, we have had close exchanges with Russia, telling them that this is unacceptable and that the United States will respond. ” < / P > < p > however, in response to the incident last week, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the action taken by the Russian military patrol in the incident was a response to the US’s violation of the agreement and its attempt to obstruct the Russian convoy. In a telephone conversation with mark Miley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the United States, Valeri grasimov, chief of the general staff of the Russian armed forces, drew the attention of the United States to the fact that, according to the current operating regulations, the command of the international anti terrorism alliance led by the United States has been informed of the passage information of the Russian convoy in advance. During the telephone conversation, Russia has given the us a comprehensive explanation of the situation. In addition, Pompeo said in an interview that he hopes Russia and the United States can reach an arms control agreement by the end of this year. “In fact, a lot of things are happening in the relationship with Russia, some good things and some not very good things,” he said. We are working closely with them to try to find ways to reduce the risk of using nuclear weapons. We are having a detailed discussion with them on the arms control agreement. In the past few weeks, we have made real progress. I hope that we can finish this work by the end of this year. Reducing the risk of nuclear weapons is beneficial to the whole world. ” Pompeo said the United States is also cooperating with Russia on the issue of cracking down. At the same time, the US Secretary of state stressed that the US has made some demands on Russia. He said Russia was involved in “hostile activities all over the world” and “we also told them clearly that we hope they will not interfere in our election.”. On August 18, another round of interdepartmental consultations between Russia and the United States on strategic stability and arms control ended in Vienna. This is the second time that the Russian and American delegation has held a meeting in the capital of Austria this year. According to the results of the consultation, Marshall Billingsley, the special representative of the US president for arms control, said that he was ready to suggest us president trump to consider the possibility of extending the Treaty on the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive weapons under the condition of reaching an agreement with Russia on many issues. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov later said that the conditions proposed by the United States to extend the term of the treaty are unrealistic.