Pompeio committed “taboo” to boost Trump’s re-election

U.S. Secretary of state pompeio, who is visiting the Middle East, will deliver a video address to the Republican National Congress in Jerusalem today to boost Trump’s re-election. But he made a big mistake. CNN reported that pompeio’s use of official diplomatic trip to make political statements broke the past Secretary of state’s not participating in the presidential nomination process and the nonpartisan tradition maintained by the US House of state for decades. This has attracted strong criticism from the outside world, such as “unprecedented”, “extremely immoral”, and so on. Just a month ago, pompeio had warned his employees not to let the State Department improperly participate in the political agenda. In the face of various doubts, a spokesman for the US State Department argued that pompeio spoke at the conference in his “personal capacity” and that “the State Council will not bear any expenses related to this speech.”. According to the New York Times, pompeio is on a five-day visit to the Middle East and plans to deliver a video thread day to the Republican National Convention in Jerusalem on the 25th. Pompeio tweeted through his personal twitter account and said, “I look forward to sharing with you how my family has become more and more secure because of President trump. See you on Tuesday night! “. < p > < p > according to Israeli media reports, pompeio’s speech was shot at sunset on the roof of the famous King David Hotel, with a spectacular background: a panoramic view of the old city of Jerusalem, as well as the dome and spire of the holy city. The scene symbolizes the trump administration’s proudest foreign policy achievement, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in 2017 and moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem a few months later, according to Capitol Hill. This overturned decades of US foreign policy and defied international consensus. < / P > < p > the reason why he chose to speak in Jerusalem is that there are few places where Trump’s Evangelical Christian supporters can resonate as much as the holy city of Jerusalem. According to a survey conducted by the Institute of public religion, Trump’s popularity among white evangelical voters dropped by 15 percentage points at the end of May to 62%, compared with nearly 80% in March. You know, in 2016, 81% of white evangelicals voted for trump. Since taking office, trump has established a strong relationship with the political priorities of this group. According to past practice, U.S. secretaries of state would avoid participating in political events such as the National Congress, and they were afraid that they would be criticized for taking advantage of their positions to seek benefits for the party. For example, former US President Barack Obama’s secretary of State John Kerry missed the 2016 National Congress. When Obama was officially nominated for re-election in 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was visiting Indonesia, China and Russia. < / P > < p > is more than that. Condoleezza Rice, then Secretary of state, was visiting Portugal, Libya and other places when the Republican Party nominated John McCain as president in 2008. Colin Powell, the first Secretary of state for former President George W. Bush, did not address the Republican National Convention in 2004. For this reason, pompeio’s decision immediately attracted criticism from people and former State Department officials. Wendy Sherman, who served as Deputy Secretary of state under Obama, accused it of “unprecedented and wrong.”. < / P > < p > “at a time when peace and security in the Middle East is so difficult, Jerusalem should not be a supporter of the Republican National Convention, and pompeio should not defile the office of the Secretary of state.”. Sherman also said that U.S. secretaries of state and defense have always been above partisan politics because they represent the United States in the world. Now “it’s really out of order for the Secretary of state of the United States to do this.”. However, he pointed out that the State Council’s leadership often issued memoranda to guide what political events should be avoided. They said the leadership would stress in particular that staff appointed by the Senate and the president should avoid participating in the Party Congress, which is one of those categories. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Engel said in a statement on the 24th that the committee had obtained two internal documents of the State Council, which clearly showed that pompeio’s participation in the party congress speech would violate the legal restrictions on political activities. Just last month, pompeio reiterated this guidance in a signed telegram sent to State Department offices and diplomatic agencies. < p > < p > it reads, “the political activities of the president and political appointees and professional senior executives are subject to significant restrictions and are not allowed to engage in any party political activities with party elections, political parties or party political groups, even in private time and outside federal work.”. In the face of these doubts, a State Council spokesman argued that pompeio was speaking at the conference in his “personal capacity”. “The State Council will not use the resources of the State Council, nor will any staff participate in the preparation of the speech or arrange pompeio’s appearance”, “the State Council will not bear any expenses related to this speech”. According to mcclatchydc, the US political news website, it was trump who asked pompeio to speak at the conference. “Pompeio’s lawyers, State Department lawyers, Republican National Committee lawyers and White House lawyers have all worked hard to ensure that his appearance is completely legal and appropriate, including screening and approving all his statements,” the source said. A former senior State Department official said that the Secretary of state’s decision to address the conference reflected Trump’s desire to show personal loyalty to his cabinet members.