Police in northern Mexico killed 14 armed men

Mexico City, Oct. 13, the Security Department of the northern Mexican state of sacatecas issued a communique on the 13th, saying that the state police were attacked by unidentified armed elements on the 12th, and the police killed 14 armed elements in the subsequent exchange of fire. According to the communique, the police of sacatkas prefecture were attacked by a group of armed elements when they were on a routine patrol in kalela city of the state on December 12, and then there was a firefight between the two sides. The police killed 14 armed men on the spot and seized some cars and drugs. Three policemen were injured in the crossfire. The security department said it would increase investment to maintain local security and order. According to official data, there are 19 “influential” drug cartels and criminal organizations in Mexico. It is also reported that in recent years, drug trafficking gangs have been fighting for territory in sakatkas state, resulting in the deterioration of the local security situation.