Police brutality in the United States

At present, protests against racial discrimination and police violence in law enforcement continue in many parts of the United States. At the same time, violent law enforcement incidents against African Americans and other people of color continue to emerge. Recently, in Louisiana and Georgia, there have been incidents of African Americans being brutally treated by the police, or even shot dead. < / P > < p > this video was shot in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA on the night of 22nd local time. This is a 31 year old woman of African origin. According to local police and the media, she was said to have a knife at the time. Police followed along and used a stun gun on Pellerin. Eventually, when she was about to enter a store, police fired at least 10 shots and knocked her down. After being sent to the hospital, she was seriously injured and died. As for this incident, some civil rights people pointed out that when the incident happened, paling walked away from the police and did not pose a life threat to the police. He should not have been shot to death by the police. Local people also called on the authorities to carry out further transparent and impartial investigation. < / P > < p > another recent incident occurred in Loganville, Georgia. Police went to a local house to deal with a dispute. Meanwhile, Smith, a 22-year-old African American woman, came forward to discuss with the police. During the dispute, police used a stun gun on Smith, who was not armed, and arrested him. It can be seen that Smith was shot by electric shock and fell directly into the Bush beside him. The video, which was soon uploaded to social media, again sparked controversy and anger among local people.