Polar bears in the heat get a big gift: ice embedded with honey and tuna

Recently, a zoo in Asakawa, Hokkaido, has not only given polar bears ice, but also embedded honey and tuna meat into the ice to cool the polar bears. Visitors have also raised their cameras to take pictures of polar bears. It has been reported that since the end of July, the temperature in many parts of Japan has generally increased, and even Asakawa City, Hokkaido, which has a higher latitude, has also ushered in a continuous hot summer. In order to cool the polar zoo in the park, the local Xushan zoo put huge ice blocks into the living quarters of polar bears and penguins. < p > < p > according to the report, polar bears get unusual ice. On a closer look, these ice blocks are embedded with honey and tuna mince. In order to eat the food in the ice, polar bears open their mouths and try to break the ice in order to eat the food in the ice. The vivid and lively appearance makes the visitors very interested, and they hold up their cameras to record this rare phenomenon Scene. < / P > < p > a fifth grade primary school student visiting the zoo said, “it feels like polar bears are happily breaking ice. They should love cold places.”.