Play “immigration card” and owe “human rights debt”: the tragedy of trump government’s immigration policy

He made a lot of discriminatory remarks, built a separation wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, implemented the policy of “separation of flesh and blood”, terminated the provision of “temporary protection status”, tried to stop the plan of “delaying the repatriation of those who arrived in the United States as a child”, threatened to abolish “birth citizenship”, and greatly reduced the scale of refugee reception < / P > < p > since taking office in January 2017, US President trump has played the “immigration card” in order to fulfill his campaign promise and signed hundreds of executive orders related to immigration. Some of his policies have been strongly questioned and criticized, revealing the “halo” of American humanitarian. A picture of a two-year-old girl crying loudly has touched the hearts of the world. The Honduran girl, who illegally crossed the border with her mother to the United States, was arrested by law enforcement officers and faced the risk of being forced to separate from her mother. In April 2018, the trump government began to implement the “zero tolerance” policy for illegal immigrants. According to this policy, after arresting the underage illegal immigrants, the border law enforcement officers force them to be separated from their parents or guardians and resettled separately. Their parents or guardians are in centralized custody, facing trial or even repatriation. < / P > < p > this scene was “moved” to the cover by time magazine. Trump and Honduran girls, one big and one small, one high and one short, with a small line beside them: “welcome to America!” < / P > < p > under strong domestic and foreign pressure, trump had to stop this policy in June of that year. According to the official statistics of the United States, in a short period of three months, a total of 2737 immigrant children were forced to separate from their relatives, some of them were infants under one year old. < / P > < p > in this group, some people never return to their parents. US media disclosed that as the parents of most children have been repatriated, as of October 2020, 545 children have yet to find their parents. < / P > < p > Mario oheda, a researcher at the center for Latin American Studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, pointed out that the biggest “toxic legacy” of Trump’s four years in power is his “extreme contempt” for human rights, and his immigration policy embodies “naked racism”. In May 2020, when attending a video conference of Atlantic Council, a think tank of the United States, Guatemalan President jamatai said excitedly: “it’s not true to say anything about allies. Guatemalan regards the United States as an ally, but the United States does not regard it as an ally. ” Fly into a rage,

is because covid-19 is not willing to do any testing and protection in the whole country, despite the rapid spread of the new crown epidemic. < / P > < p > on March 26, 2020, a US repatriation flight arrived in Guatemala, and 24 of the 42 people on board were finally diagnosed with new coronavirus. At that time, there were less than 30 confirmed cases throughout the country. < / P > < p > in addition, Haiti, Jamaica, Colombia and other countries have also reported new cases of coronary heart disease found on flights repatriating immigrants from the United States. U.S. immigration and customs enforcement officials admitted when questioned by the U.S. Council that they did not conduct routine tests on illegal immigrants before they were sent to the repatriation crew. < / P > < p > the New York Times of the United States published a review article saying that as the country with the most serious epidemic situation, the large-scale repatriation of illegal immigrants in the United States is spreading the virus to countries outside the United States, especially Latin American countries. According to Ohda, the repatriation of illegal immigrants to Latin American countries with weak medical system during the severe epidemic period is not only not in line with the requirements of health and epidemic prevention, but also “very inhumane”. < / P > < p > on January 12, this year, trump, who is leaving office, went to Alamo, Texas, the border city of the United States and Mexico, to inspect the U.S. – Mexico border separation wall that he vigorously promoted during his term of office. In the past four years, there have been constant disputes around the wall. As early as during the 2016 election campaign, trump repeatedly described illegal immigrants as “drug dealers” and “rapists”, and then proposed to build a “big and beautiful wall” to curb illegal immigrants, and absurdly asked Mexico to “pay” for it. This provocative act once worsened US Mexico relations. < / P > < p > after forcing Mexico to pay for the wall, trump threatened to impose tariffs and ordered Mexico to intercept illegal immigrants from Central America. At the same time, it has also exerted pressure to make Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador “safe third countries” to pass on the immigration crisis. < / P > < p > the US immigration policy has been tightening, but it has not been able to effectively crack down on illegal immigrants. According to the U.S. Congressional Research Service, the number of illegal immigrants in the United States has not decreased since the construction of the U.S. – Mexico border separation wall. < / P > < p > “Mexico daily” once published an editorial saying that a series of immigration policies of the trump government are “the most important policy”. Diaz, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Puebla in Mexico, pointed out that the immigration crisis along the U.S. – Mexico border is an epitome of the U.S. government’s xenophobic and anti immigration policies.