Philippine military announced to thwart a terrorist attack in Southern Sulu Province

Manila, October 10, the Philippine military announced on October 10 that the military and local law enforcement agencies thwarted a terrorist attack plot in Southern Sulu province and arrested three suspects. Earlier in the day, the Philippine military and local law enforcement agencies arrested three female suspects in a joint operation in hollo City, Sulu Province, according to a statement issued by the Philippine military. The military seized vests with explosive devices at the scene. If these devices are detonated, they will cause heavy casualties. < p > < p > the Philippine military has received intelligence in advance that a suspect is preparing to carry out a suicide attack in the Philippines in retaliation for her Indonesian husband killed by the Philippine military in the operation of eliminating extremist organizations more than a month ago. According to the investigation by the Philippine military, the three suspects are closely related to the extremist organization Abu Sayyaf armed forces, two of them are spouses of the armed personnel of the organization, and one is the daughter of the perpetrators of the bombing attack in Horo city last year. The Philippine military confirmed that Abu Sayyaf had planned and carried out the bombing attack in the city of Horo. The armed forces of Abu Sayyaf were established in the early 1990s, mainly in Sulu province and other southern regions of the Philippines. They launched attacks and hostage taking several times, and claimed allegiance to the extremist organization “Islamic state”. The Philippine military estimates that the Abu Sayyaf armed forces currently have 300 to 400 members.