Personnel of county medical community in Qinghai Province

A few days ago, Qinghai Health Commission, human resources and social security department, and the office of the organization and Establishment Committee of the provincial Party committee jointly issued the guidance on the establishment of a mechanism for the overall use of county medical community personnel. According to the principle of “functional integration, combination of full-time and part-time work, and one person with multiple responsibilities”, the employment mechanism of “county management and township use” is implemented in the county medical community. < p > < p > it is reported that the leading hospital is responsible for the county medical community, which sets up the post plan according to the total number of personnel and the proportion of post structure approved by each member unit, implements the unified management, recruitment, deployment and training of personnel within the medical community; and according to the principle of “reducing one by one”, the work skills posts are naturally digested, and more posts are released for clinical frontline and grass-roots units. The leading hospital shall not occupy the middle and senior professional and technical posts in township health centers, and the proportion of middle and senior professional and technical posts shall not exceed the corresponding standards of hospital grade. < p > < p > according to the functional orientation, job needs and job vacancies, the medical community implemented independent recruitment. Adhere to the guidance of paying attention to medical ethics, performance and ability, fully reflect the post differences between different specialties and township health centers, incline to front-line posts and difficult posts, and do not make rigid regulations on the requirements of papers. At the same time, the on-the-job staff of the medical community implement the full staff post management, overall deployment and use, strictly control the flow of medical staff in the Branch Hospital of medical community to county-level hospitals, and the medical professionals of clinical, Stomatology, traditional Chinese medicine and other medical professionals in the Branch Hospital of the medical community to the county-level hospital shall undergo standardized training of residents and obtain the qualification certificate.