Permanent representative of China to the United Nations: it is necessary to bring the crimes committed by foreign troops in post conflict countries to justice

On December 4, the UN Security Council held an open video conference on “peace building and sustainable peace: security sector reform”. Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, attended the meeting and expounded China’s position. < p > < p > Zhang Jun pointed out that security sector reform is an important foundation for achieving lasting peace and sustainable development. The reform should be led by the countries concerned, and “one country, one policy” should be formed in combination with the national conditions and specific conditions of the countries concerned. < p > < p > Zhang Jun said that post conflict countries are faced with security threats such as violent extremism, ethnic conflicts, and new risks such as cyber security and transnational organized crime. Therefore, they should improve their ability of early warning, emergency response and anti-terrorism through reform. < p > < p > Zhang Jun said that post conflict countries also face severe challenges brought about by the criminal acts of foreign garrisons, and need to improve the rule of law, bring all kinds of criminal acts to justice, and resolutely put an end to extrajudicial acts. < p > < p > Zhang Jun pointed out that the reform of the security sector should be integrated into the overall development strategy of post conflict countries and promoted in coordination with the reform in the fields of economy and the rule of law. Bilateral and multilateral partners should actively provide assistance to ensure adequate and sustainable resources for security sector reform.