People’s Armed Forces Department of Guiding County, Guizhou Province: National Defense Education and incentive before enlistment

On September 3, in order to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War, further enhance the national defense awareness of the scheduled recruits and stimulate their enthusiasm for serving the country in the army, the people’s and Armed Forces Department of guiding county organized 111 scheduled recruits in 2020 to carry out the theme activity of “remembering the revolutionary martyrs and starting a new journey to strengthen the army”. < p > < p > through activities such as paying homage to martyrs’ cemetery, inviting Anti Japanese War veterans to give lectures on national defense education, visiting honor rooms and watching military themed movies, we can carry forward the revolutionary spirit, cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, and guide the recruits to strengthen their service confidence and actively participate in the practice of strengthening the army. To remember history is to enlighten the future; to remember martyrs is to cherish peace. The new recruits are expected to stand under the monument, with respect for the revolutionary martyrs, to lay flower baskets at the monument and bow in silence to express their high respect and deep sorrow for the revolutionary martyrs. In addition, Tian Zhongwen, a veteran of the Anti Japanese War, was invited to give a profound lecture on the education of revolutionary tradition for the new recruits. One by one, the fighting stories of blood and fire reappear the revolutionary heroism spirit of the old soldiers in the Anti Japanese War, fighting with blood and looking at death as if they were returning home, and the patriotic feelings of the rise and fall of the world and everyone’s responsibility. This activity enhanced the national defense awareness of all the new recruits scheduled, and stimulated their sense of responsibility and mission.