People from China and Africa discuss how to meet the challenge of the epidemic and strengthen cooperation

Beijing, August 13 globalization think tank held a video seminar on “China Africa dialogue: challenges and cooperation opportunities under the epidemic situation” on August 11, which was attended by nearly 20 African ambassadors to China, representatives of the African Union in China and many people from all walks of life in China and Africa.

participants discussed one belt, one road to the African Union’s economic and trade cooperation, the new opportunities for African continent’s free trade area and the opportunity for African countries to enhance their opportunities in the “one belt and one way”. < / P > < p > participants agreed that the epidemic is an unprecedented global crisis between man and nature, which has had a huge impact on the world economic and social development, especially on tourism, trade and investment in Africa. However, one belt, one road, one side and one China Africa Cooperation Forum, will fully tap the potential of bilateral cooperation in infrastructure construction, human resource development, financial support and market opening. < / P > < p > Carlos Lopez, former Under Secretary General of the United Nations and former executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa, said on the same day that Africa is facing three challenges in epidemic prevention and control: first, statistical risk; second, productivity; third, the global crisis has a profound impact on Africa. Compared with the rest of the world, the impact of the epidemic on Africa is much greater. At the same time, Carlos Lopez pointed out that while the epidemic brings challenges, it will also promote structural reform in Africa and bring development opportunities. He suggested that Africa should speed up the process of industrialization, shift from oil to cleaner and low-carbon energy production; African countries need to change the status quo of highly dependent on export commodities; Africa needs to come up with structural solutions for public health; countries need to speed up scientific and technological reform and innovation. < p > < p > Wang Huiyao, director of CCG, said that the African continent is a continent full of hope and great development potential. The agreement on the free trade area of the African continent is expected to eventually cover 1.2 billion people, which is of great significance to the development of Africa, and Africa is a continent with young people in the world. The African free trade agreement (AFTA) connects African countries in economy, trade and investment, making Africa a very large market. In the future, if you go to one African country, you will be able to open up more than 50 channels for African countries, which will facilitate all countries in the world to carry out trade and investment in Africa. It will also promote Africa’s joint fight against the epidemic, unite to fight the epidemic, and pool the financial strength of all parties. China and Africa are expected to carry out more economic and trade cooperation through the construction of the African free trade area. The potential and opportunities for China Africa cooperation are huge.