Pentium’s new SUV spy photos are based on FMA architecture, and many details are designed with fashion

A few days ago, we obtained a group of real vehicle test spy photos of Pentium new SUV from relevant channels. The new car is suspected to be a brand-new SUV with internal code D365. Although the body is covered with a large area of camouflage, it can be seen from the details that the new car uses many design elements that cater to the current trend. < / P > < p > the same as the brand-new B70, the front lamp group of road test adopts full LED light source, and the outline of the lamp group is inspired by the shape design of ancient weapons, which highlights its three-dimensional visual effect. Both ends of the upper grille are connected with the lamp group, which has a strong sense of entirety. Trapezoidal grid size is not small, very imposing. < / P > < p > from the side, the car adopts a two-color body design. The hidden door handle can effectively reduce the wind resistance and integrate with the body. It is very fashionable with the suspension roof design and sharp waist line design. Through careful observation of the driver’s side window, it can be seen that the top of the suspected dual screen is chrome plated, which is also the standard interior equipment of Pentium. < p > < p > from the rear, it is expected that the new car will be equipped with the current popular through tail lamp design, but at present, the test vehicle still uses temporary lamps, and the tail lamp shape needs to wait for the declaration information to be disclosed in mass production.