Pentium E01 will be officially launched at Beijing auto show, with a range of 450km

A few days ago, we learned from relevant channels that Pentium E01 will be officially launched in Beijing auto show. The new car is built on the brand-new FME pure electric platform, equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 140kW, and a ternary lithium battery pack of Ningde era, and the NEDC has a endurance of 450 km. < / P > < p > in appearance, E01 follows the design concept of “light and shadow charm”. From a positive point of view, the car adopts the design of interactive digital raindrop grille, which can produce different lights to form breathing effect in different scenes, which makes it look more cool. The design of LED headlamp with vertical daytime running lamp and large size air curtain highlights the design sense of the vehicle. The rear E01 adopts the popular through tail lamp design and the pressed rear spoiler design. The interior of the headlamp group adopts the design of geometric lines, which increases the night recognition. The logo at the rear of the car adopts the English logo of Pentium, which is round and full, corresponding with the overall design. < / P > < p > in terms of interior, the interior part of Pentium E01 adopts minimalist style, and a large number of smooth and simple lines are used. The center console creates a layered effect, and the design of dual screen is also a popular design element. The new car still continues the Pentium design concept of “ring, thin, light and suspension”. The encircled cabin design gives the driver the feeling of being wrapped and protected. In terms of power, Pentium E01 will be equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 190 horsepower and a maximum torque of 320nm, a lithium-ion battery pack capacity of 61.34kwh and NEDC range of 450km.