Pang Xinghai: a “living martyr” whose name is engraved with a monument to the martyrs

He was a retired cadre in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province. He took part in the revolutionary work at the age of 16 and experienced numerous battles and battles. He was still in good health in his 90s, but his name was engraved on a monument to martyrs. He was an old hero who had participated in the war of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea, and his name was Pang Xinghai. When he saw the old man, he had just come back from his hometown in Shandong Province. “The last time I went home was eight years ago.” Pang Xinghai said. After retiring, the old man and his son and daughter-in-law lived in Mudanjiang city. The old man cherished two things most in his life: the old photos of him and his comrades in arms in the photo album and the old-fashioned military uniform with military medals. Touching the old uniform, his mind suddenly returned to the years of war. In 1952, Pang Xinghai’s 200 regiment of the 67th division of the 23rd army of the Chinese people’s volunteer army went to Korea in 1952. “We entered Korea on foot from Dandong, Liaoning Province. After entering Korea, we marched at night to avoid the enemy’s encirclement, interception and bombing as much as possible.” Pang Xinghai said. < / P > < p > if you are hungry, you can eat your own dry food. If you are thirsty, you can drink the river water from the river ditch. When you have nothing to eat, you can eat wild vegetables and fruits to satisfy your hunger He and his comrades in arms encountered untold difficulties and dangers along the way. In 1953, the Beishan counterattack in shiyandong was very fierce. After the battle, Pang Xinghai was not found, so they sacrificed for him. The organization sent a notice of sacrifice to his parents and inscribed his name on the memorial tablet of the martyrs in nameless heights. Pang Xinghai became a “living martyr”. < / P > < p > “at that time, I was reappointed as platoon leader of No.5 regiment of 200. The enemy constantly attacked us and tried every means to take the Nameless Highland from our hands. Our superiors asked us to solve the hidden danger of protecting the Nameless Highland. ” Pang Xinghai recalled. < / P > < p > the enemy’s shells were fired one after another, and the rocks on the top of the mountain were blasted into a pit more than 2 meters deep. At this time, half of the soldiers in Pang Xinghai’s platoon had already died. Then the enemy launched a ground attack. Pang Xinghai was injured in his right hand. “I firmly believe that I will keep the position to the death.” He said. Pang Xinghai threw grenades and machine guns with his left hand, and fought back the enemy’s two counterattacks in a row. Then the reinforcements arrived! “You’ve been hit in the head by shrapnel!” Cried the comrades in arms. Pang Xinghai lost consciousness and was carried to the battlefield by his comrades. < p > < p > up to now, Pang Xinghai’s wounds on his arms and legs that were hit and punctured by bullets and shrapnel are still visible, and there are fragments of shell shells on his head, and he feels pain in rainy days. < / P > < p > “what is this pain! Countless comrades died in the Korean battlefield. Their spirit of fearing neither hardship nor death has always inspired me. ” Pang Xinghai said. Later, Pang Xinghai returned to the army and continued to fight side by side with his comrades. After the war of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea, he returned with his troops and retired in 1983. Pang Xinghai once went to the Civil Affairs Department of his hometown and asked for the cancellation of the treatment of the martyrs and the return of 260 yuan of pension. The civil affairs department did not recover the pension of 260 yuan.