Palestine condemns Arab Israeli normalization agreement and recalls ambassador to UAE

According to the report, Prince Muhammad of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President trump reached an agreement after a tripartite call on the 13th, agreeing to fully normalize relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. The three parties jointly issued a statement saying that this “historic diplomatic breakthrough” will promote peace in the Middle East. The two countries will sign agreements in the next few weeks, involving investment, tourism, direct flights, security, mutual embassies, etc. In addition, Israel will suspend the “implementation of sovereignty” over the region mentioned in the “New Middle East peace plan” of the United States and focus on expanding its relations with other Arab and Islamic countries. < / P > < p > in January 2020, the United States announced the so-called “New Middle East peace plan”, which favors Israel on major issues such as the ownership of Jerusalem and the legitimacy of Jewish settlements, while ignoring the concerns of the Palestinian side. Israel welcomed the plan, while Pakistan explicitly rejected it. After the “New Middle East peace plan” was announced, the tension between Palestine and Israel has been escalating. In April, the Likud group and the blue white party signed a coalition government agreement. According to the agreement, Israel will promote the “implementation of sovereignty” over Jewish settlements in the Jordan Valley and the West Bank under the “New Middle East peace plan” from July 1, covering an area of about 30% of the West Bank. The plan has been widely opposed by the United Nations, the European Union and Arab countries. < / P > < p > in regard to the agreement on normalization of Arab Israeli relations, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made it clear later on August 13 that the agreement was a “provocation” to the Palestinian people. In fact, he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Palestinian leadership demanded that the United Arab Emirates withdraw from the agreement immediately and called for an emergency summit of Arab States.