Overseas version of Volkswagen CC launches 1.5T power, and domestic models may be synchronized in the future

Recently, we learned from foreign media that Arton shooting brake (CC and CC hunting version in China) in overseas market has launched two new power models, namely 1.5T gasoline engine and 2.0T diesel engine. In the future, domestic models are expected to be equipped with this 1.5T engine. < / P > < p > VW’s 1.5T engine has been introduced into China. Although it has not yet been equipped with models, it has been revealed that many of its models will be used, so it is likely that it will also be equipped with CC models sold in China in the future. According to the information disclosed at present, the new CC is currently equipped with high-power and low-power 2.0T engines. If it is a t-powered model in the future, it will further reduce the entry threshold of CC. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, the new car adjusts the shape of the front bumper. At the same time, the rear adopts a rectangular exhaust layout with two sides and four outlets, which makes it more sporty. In addition, the brand new Volkswagen CC also moves the model name plate under the Volkswagen logo, just like the same model in the same period. < / P > < p > Volkswagen CC hunting version adopts the design similar to Mercedes Benz CLS hunting version, that is shooting brake, translated as hunting version. Compared with conventional station wagon, the D-pillar of hunting version will be relatively lower, and the advantage is that it can bring stronger sense of movement.