Out of the haze of the new epidemic situation! Several US companies said the purchasing situation had recovered

Ma Yan, global network reporter: according to the website of Jane’s Defense Weekly on August 24, a number of American enterprises said this month that their procurement opportunities had gradually recovered from the impact of the new epidemic. John Heller, chief executive of PAE, said purchasing activity at his government services company fell sharply in mid March as potential sellers were forced to focus on the epidemic and recession. However, with the improvement of the economic situation, as well as the enterprises through their own adjustment to adapt to the new crown epidemic situation, potential sellers have reappeared. There have been dramatic changes since July, with a large number of opportunities emerging in the market, some of which are attractive to PAE’s strategy, he said. Susan Lynch, chief financial officer of vectorus, also said that as the epidemic reduced economic value, her government service company’s procurement channels dried up, but now, as economic values stabilize, procurement channels are replenished. < / P > < p > “we’re looking at a lot of goals.” “And we will pay close attention to some of them, hoping that there will be a price that is right and matches our needs,” she said.