Out of stock! In Japan this kind of thing is robbed crazy! Resell 6 times online!

5, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Japan, including 1357 cases, including the Diamond Princess Cruise, has reached 43525 cases in Japan. As the number of infected people continues to rise, there is a new round of “rush buying” in Japan, and this time everyone is rushing to buy mouthwash. < / P > < p > in Japan, cosmetics stores, supermarkets and convenience stores are the main sales places of mouthwash. It is found that a notice board has been posted at the most conspicuous position at the door of a cosmetology shop in the center of Tokyo, which reads “all gargle products have been sold out”.

turned around in the shop and found that not only mouthwash, but even oral spray products with disinfectant function were sold out. The store manager told us that many customers came to buy the mouthwash the night before yesterday. However, due to the unstable supply under the epidemic situation, about 70 bottles in the store were sold out within 3 hours that night. < p > < p > in fact, this round of “rush buying” of mouthwashes originated from a speech made by the governor of Osaka Prefecture on the afternoon of the 4th. The governor of Osaka told the media at the meeting that the medical institutions in Osaka had tested 41 mild patients since June. It was found that patients who gargle with povidone iodine four times a day had a lower positive rate of neocoronavirus in their saliva four days later, while 40% of the patients who did not gargle. Therefore, high-risk people such as cold patients with suspected symptoms, restaurant staff and medical staff are urged to use mouthwash frequently. < p > < p > as soon as the news came out, not only did the drugstore run out of stock rapidly, but also reselled at a high price of 6 times on the Internet. The share price of one of the mouthwash manufacturers rose more than 7% in the same day, setting a new year’s high. Overnight, “did you buy a mouthwash?” became a hot topic among Japanese people. Japan’s Ministry of health, health and labor made an urgent clarification on this issue on May 5, saying that the effectiveness of mouthwash on epidemic prevention needs to be further verified. At this point, whether the mouthwash can prevent virus, is finally an official statement. < / P > < p > from this dramatic event, it is not difficult for us to understand the panic and anxiety of the Japanese people under the background of the accelerated deterioration of the epidemic situation. This weekend, Japan will also usher in a small long holiday, followed by the traditional Yulan Festival. In Japan, there is a tradition of returning home to worship ancestors. In the summer, the risk of infection will be further increased due to large-scale personnel movement. In the afternoon of the day before yesterday, the Minister of health, health and labor of Japan finally said that if the number of infected people increased at a faster rate, the Japanese government might declare a state of emergency again. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced yesterday that it would build two new specialized hospitals to treat critically ill patients.