Oregon police in Portland

Oregon police and law enforcement officers from the surrounding areas of Portland, Oregon, entered Portland in the early hours of August 31. In the western city, demonstrations continued and violence escalated recently after a protester supporting president Donald Trump was fatally shot dead. < / P > < p > social media spread a large number of Posts calling for the protestors to go to Portland and “revenge” for the shooted protestors. Portland mayor Ted Wheeler warned on August 30 that violence could escalate. Oregon police and law enforcement officers from around Portland entered the city the next day. Police have arrested hundreds of people, 29 of whom have been charged with taking part in an illegal rally on the night of August 30. < / P > < p > late at night on August 30, Oregon governor Kate Brown issued a statement saying that she supported peaceful demonstrations and would crack down on illegal activities. “Every Oregan has the right to express his views freely and to be free from the threat of violence. I will not allow “Patriot prayer” and armed white supremacists to create more bloodshed in the streets. ” < / P > < p > “pray for the patriots” is a right-wing organization that supports trump and has held regular rallies in Portland since early 2017. On the evening of August 29, members of this organization took 600 minivans to pass through Portland and met a large number of protestors who opposed the police’s violent law enforcement. The two groups clashed on a small scale. About 15 minutes after the pickup trucks left, a member of pray patriot was shot dead in downtown Portland. Police said on August 31 that the dead was Allen J. Danielson, 39, who was shot in the chest. The police are still investigating. “Pray for the patriots” is on the Facebook page of social media, and Dennison is also called Jay bishop. Trump identified bishop as “murdered” in Portland on social media twitter the day before. < / P > < p > Brown said in a statement that a working group will be formed to find a way to reduce violence in Portland, including mayor Wheeler and leaders of the black community in Portland. The governor has so far refused to allow the National Guard to enter Portland. Instead, he announced that multiple law enforcement agencies would work together to deal with a “short-term crisis.”. She said the FBI and a number of federal prosecutors will use more force to prosecute criminal acts associated with the demonstration. < / P > < p > demonstrations have taken place almost every day in Portland for about 100 days, some of which have turned violent. With the US presidential election approaching on November 3, 2020, trump frequently attacked recent demonstrations in Portland and Kenosha, Wisconsin, accusing people of taking responsibility for the violence. < / P > < p > after the fatal shooting in Portland, trump tweeted that Wheeler was an “idiot” and accused him of creating a “toxic environment” that led to the shooting in Portland. < / P > < p > trump advocated that the national guard should be stationed in Portland. “Portland is a mess,” he tweeted on August 31. This situation has been going on for many years. If the mayor can’t clean up Then we will do it for them. ” In a speech delivered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 31, Joe Biden, US presidential candidate and former vice president, accused trump of: “he doesn’t want to see the dawn, he wants things to intensify, and he is inciting violence in our city. He doesn’t have the ability to stop the violence because he has encouraged it over the years. ”